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About Us

Shea’s Healing Way started with the mission to make CBD easily accessible and affordable to the ordinary person. We provide the safest, best quality, and highly effective CBD products derived from the finest CBD Isolates. The Botanical Wonder CBD Patch is produced from high-quality Industrial Hemp and tested at multiple stages.

Enlightened by the fact that cannabis has been used for medicinal uses as early as 500 BC (Central Asia), Shea’s Healing Way aims to uplift people’s thoughts about how effective CBD can be.

Shea’s Apothecary Inc and Sheas Healing Way strive to make health and healing accessible to the ordinary person. Our vision is to end all the stereotypes and prejudices blended with CBD products. We foresee a world where people live healthier lives through the healing energies of botanicals raised in delicate balance with nature. Thus to serve the purpose of our vision, we are striving to provide the safest, best quality, and highly effective products derived from the finest CBD. The products we deliver are produced from high-quality Industrial Hemp.  


100% Money Back Guarantee

Due to FDA regulations we cannot make any claims to the effectiveness and Health benefits of CBD. We can offer a 100% Money back Guarantee. This is how certain we are that you will be completely satisfied.

The products you see and order from Sheas Healing Way website are all shipped free and delivered to you without a single damage. And, if anything else concerns you, Please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

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