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Best CBD Topical Patches: An Easy Buying Guide

Best CBD Topical Patches: An Easy Buying Guide

CBD is everywhere! From medicine and skincare to candles and bathing soap. The buzzing ingredient is making a place for itself in everything and everywhere. And now it is available as a transdermal patch for relieving intense pain instantly and for long-lasting.

Go through the blog to learn more about the best CBD patches, how to buy them, and whether they help in pain relief or not. So, be with us till the end.

What Is CBD Topical Patch?

If you need to calm the aches and pains in a particular site of your body, the most suitable way is likely to use a CBD (Cannabidiol) patch. Cannabidiol possesses anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anxiety-reducing, sleep-enhancing molecules that promote the feelings of wellness. Using cannabidiol in the patch can transmit fast relief from nerve pain, bypassing the digestive system and reaching your bloodstream via the unique patch delivery system. Patches’ effectiveness varies according to the delivery method, and the amount of CBD topical patches contains. The transdermal delivery method that most CBD patches use allows for sustained delivery of CBD throughout the body. The effects of cannabidiol patches are 8 to 48 hours long, depending on the CBD content in the patch.

CBD patches work with permeability enhancers that help CBD make it through the skin’s barrier into the blood, similar to nicotine patches. CBD topical patches may soon become the most potent pain reliever available.

Benefits Of CBD Topical Patch

Applying a CBD patch (transdermal method) is arguably the best way to deliver cannabidiol into the body.  This method is easy and convenient to use, but it is highly effective. Without permeability enhancers, CBD patches can deliver up to 40-50% CBD into your body, and with permeability enhancers, the percentage rises by a significant number of 90-99% in your body.

A CBD topical patch help with:

  • Pain and inflammation on the skin
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Sound sleep (with melatonin)
  • Energy, focus, concentration (with caffeine)

How To Use A CBD Topical Patch?

CBD topical patches are easy to use. As they come in the self-adhesive form that sticks directly onto your skin, providing you a steady dose of cannabidiol in the affected area or into your bloodstream.

To get the best result, place the CBD patch on venous parts of your body (arms, legs, back, etc.). These parts of the body have veins and microcapillaries closer to the surface of your skin. 

Don’t place the patch on bony areas (knee caps, elbows). The patch won’t remain stuck there, and it may come out soon before even delivering the considerable amount of CBD into your bloodstream.

We suggest keeping the skin dry and clean before use. The excess dirt, oils, and sweat residue may trouble the patch from delivering CBD into the bloodstream.

Delivery Methods

The effectiveness of CBD depends on the delivery method. As many of you know, a medicine injected directly into the vein works more efficiently and instantly than tablets or capsules taken from the mouth. Similarly, CBD taken through the transdermal method offers higher effectiveness, such as instant and long-lasting relief from pain. Today’s CBD patches offer a unique way of delivering CBD directly to the bloodstream without inhaling it. These CBD patches are technologically advanced and discreet.

Transdermal Delivery Method

The Transdermal Delivery of CBD requires the skin to enter the bloodstream to access the endocannabinoid system that runs throughout the body. Transdermal delivery has a more substantial effect than oral or topical CBD products. Patches use transdermal delivery, reach the bloodstream, and have a more pronounced effect compared to other delivery methods.

Pick The Best CBD Topical Patches

Third-party testing is the most crucial factor when purchasing CBD products (CBD patches or other CBD products). Third-party tests are conducted by independent and accredited laboratories specializing in CBD content testing, analysis, and evaluation. They test for unwanted toxins and contaminants and analyze the number of cannabinoids in the extract. Once they finish the test, their lab issues a certificate of analysis (COA). A document that certifies the authenticity of the product. Ensure to check this before shopping for any CBD products.

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Extract Type

Full-spectrum hemp extracts are the most preferred and effective products. You will get the whole range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial CBD compounds your bloodstream absorbs through the skin.

Broad-spectrum or isolate extract is suitable if you don’t like getting THC in your system.

How Much Should CBD (Cannabidiol) Content Be In Your CBD Topical Patch?

The cannabidiol content in your CBD patch holds significant importance. Think about your requirement before using any CBD patch. We recommend taking a medium-strength, 20-25 mg hemp patch if you need general health and wellness. If you need localized muscle and joint pain, you may take a higher dose of 50-100 mg.

Make sure the THC content is below 0.3%. All federally legal hemp patches will carry this percentage of THC below 0.3%. THC content is negligible and doesn’t cause a high or stone feeling. The traces of THC combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes provides a more buzz experience. Choose a full spectrum CBD topical patch for optimal results.

Specialized Ingredient

CBD topical patches often come with added specialized ingredients. Two common ingredients added alongside the cannabidiol are caffeine and melatonin.

Melatonin is a natural-occurring hormone in the body that is responsible for inducing sleep and aiding sleep-wake cycles. Melatonin infusion can be natural (from animal pineal glands) or synthetic. Most melatonin-infused products (CBD or others) are made using synthetic melatonin to aid sleep, balance your sleep-wake cycle, and Improve some insomnia symptoms.

The second most common ingredient is caffeine. Many companies are infusing caffeine into hemp products. So, you will get the relaxing experience of CBD with a quick shot of energy.

The Length Of Time You Can Wear A CBD Topical Patch

The minimum or maximum time you need to wear a CBD patch must be given on a product label. It will help if you buy a patch that can last for 24-48 hours. If you are looking for long-term relief, you should not buy a patch lasting only 6-8 hours.

The shorter-length patches can be helpful for post-workout recovery and mild aches. In contrast, the higher strength package would benefit critical knee, back, or neck pain.

Now the question arises what materials does CBD incorporate. CBD patches are created differently for different people. Therefore many CBD brands produce hypoallergenic, latex-free, pharmaceutical-grade patches for your comfort. If you have skin sensitivity or you are allergic to specific materials, CBD brands do consider it. 

However, you should always check the package and patch quality. Ensure the packaging is secure and untampered when you receive your hemp patches. The patches should be in pristine condition. That is no rips and holes. If you find your patches in tempered condition, do not use them. Send them back to the company or shop explaining the damage.

Also, take advantage of the clinical recommendations for dosage for some affected skin conditions, such as arthritis and inflammatory pain. You should shop for a product that provides more patches at affordable prices. Here, we have mentioned an effective CBD product that can cater to all your CBD needs.

Botanical Wonder: CBD Topical Patch (30 Patches 50 mg each)

30 Patches per package for 30 days of RELIEF

Our CBD Topical patches offer effective and long-lasting relief with nano CBD (Cannabidiol) particles that easily penetrate the skin, reach the bloodstream, and reduce medication effects by bypassing the liver.

  • Offer up to 50 mg of full-spectrum nano CBD particles.
  • Clear, discrete patch, not noticeable when wearing
  • Water-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • THC free
  • Incorporate medical grade adhesive

These CBD-infused Botanical Wonder Topical Patches can serve all your regular CBD requirements.

Visit Shea’s Healing Way to gather more CBD information on CBD patches or other products and shop our CBD-infused topical patches to leverage the health benefits.


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