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Can CBD Oil Help Eyesight: All You Need To Know

Can CBD Oil Help Eyesight: All You Need To Know

You can use CBD to treat many kinds of health conditions. Research is still going on this topic, but without a doubt, CBD has some potential health benefits. While CBD oil can be effective for various conditions, there are some who are curious about knowing can CBD oil help eyesightThe eyesight problems in the old generation of the USA are very common. Thus, there are various treatments available to control the problem, and CBD can also be one of the potential solutions.

The various eye diseases that are affecting Americans include Glaucoma. It is one of the problems that have targeted over 3 million Americans. If you are curious whether CBD oil can help with treating Glaucoma and if it can help your eyes, we highly suggest that you keep reading this blog.

CBD Oil Help Eyesight: Understanding Its Effects For Treating Glaucoma

Some research suggests using CBD oil can be effective in controlling the symptoms of Glaucoma. CBD oil can help reduce the pressure in the eye, and experts refer to this pressure as Intraocular Pressure (IOP).

As per AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology), patients with Glaucoma should not use CBD as the primary treatment for their problem. However, current research has shown positive results in using CBD to soothe glaucoma symptoms. Whether to use CBD or not for this is still under dispute and requires more research.

For some glaucoma patients, CBD oil was shown to be more effective when other treatments were not that efficient.

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Keep reading to know the benefits and potential risks CBD can bring for eye problems.

CBD Oil For Eyesight: Can It Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma, as experts say, is a group of conditions responsible for increasing IOP that can further harm the eye’s optic nerve. As time passes, your vision can get worsen, and there is a high chance that you can become blind.

People above the age of 60 usually have vision loss problems because of the development of Glaucoma. If you want to lower the risk of Glaucoma, the best thing is to lower the IOP in the eye. Furthermore, by lowering IOP, you can also get ease in glaucoma symptoms.

Most of the traditional treatments are also targeted to reduce IOP. As per research, CBD may also help with reducing the IOP of the eye. 

Studies done on animals suggests that cannabis can stimulate blood flow to the eye. They may also offer neuroprotective effects that help in preventing nerve harm and reducing glaucoma effects. Furthermore, few studies even highlight that cannabis may also play a role in treating Glaucoma.

As per AAO, CBD can help reduce IOP. However, the effective period is not too long. If a person needs continuous results, they are needed to consume CBD in a large amount. Some research states that CBD might harm the optic nerves instead of producing results. 

All this data is not confirmed, and more research is yet to be done to know if CBD oil is actually helpful for eye problems.

Can CBD Oil Improve Eyesight: Main Benefits

So, can CBD oil improve eyesight? Some studies done on cannabinoids that are known to be chemicals in cannabis suggest that CBD might have neuroprotective properties.

Furthermore, animal studies indicate that CBD might increase the blood flow to the essential parts of the eye.

Because of this, some researchers even argue whether CBD can reverse Glaucoma or cure it and if it’s more than just managing symptoms.

CBD also has antioxidant properties that can be effective in slowing down the progression of macular degeneration related to a person’s age. It also has neuroprotective properties, which might help with a few retinal diseases like retinal ischemia.

The potential advantages of using CBD oil for treating eye problems such as Glaucoma include:

  • A lesser margin of side effects in comparison to other treatments.
  • May decrease the need to undergo surgery.
  • Helps in a better way of managing pain.
  • A somewhat “natural” treatment for eye problems.

These health benefits may or may not apply to everyone. More research is yet to be done to specify CBD’s effects on improving eyesight.

CBD Oil For Eyesight: Potential Risks

Warning! A person must never replace the recommended treatment methods for Glaucoma with cannabis. By doing this, the condition of a person can get worse, and cannabis, for some users, is addictive.

Moreover, CBD is not legal in many countries. Using CBD should only be done under the guidance of a health expert. 

Without a doubt, most treatments, natural or other remedies, can cause side effects to a user. Following are some mentioned risks accompanied by using CBD:

  • Damage to lungs. Excessive smoking of CBD can cause chronic bronchitis and airway inflammation.
  • Cases of premature labor and complications in pregnancy for individuals who use CBD.
  • May cause a decrease in fertility in men.
  • You may suffer from mental health issues. There is more risk of psychosis.

A very small part of the research indicates that bad cannabis products may damage the cells in the eye. Hence, buying CBD products from a verified source such as Shea’s Healing Way is necessary.

Studies also say that CBD may cause vision loss and decrease the eye’s color perception. However, none of the research has proven if CBD can actually cause these side effects.


Glaucoma condition can be hard on people. For most people, conventional treatments may not even work. In addition, it’s not possible to reverse vision damage caused due to Glaucoma.

Hence, many tend to turn towards other treatment methods for this condition. Currently, much research is going on around CBD’s potential benefits and risks. With time, these researches can support the experiences of different people. 

However, let’s only talk based on the current research data. We cannot confirm whether cannabis is an effective treatment for Glaucoma. Suppose you want to try CBD as a treatment method and want to know more about  CBD oil for eyesight. In that case, we suggest consulting a doctor who understands medical cannabis.

If you want a safe experience using CBD oil for your eyesight, visit Shea’s Healing Way. Our products are clinically tested and made of isolated CBD. You will not find any addictive in them. In addition, our products are highly affordable and come with a money-back guarantee. Visit us now to get the best CBD experience.


Can You Use CBD For Eye Inflammation?

Yes, CBD can reduce inflammation of the eye and other places of your body. Most eye problems are treatable and preventable if you use CBD oil. Problems like cataracts, Glaucoma, dry eye, etc., can be treated and managed with CBD oil. Make sure to get an expert opinion.

Is Using CBD Oil As Eye Drops Possible?

A recent study on rats suggested that CBD eye drops can decrease eye pressure by up to 18%. Researchers of AAO don’t support using CBD eye drops for treating and managing Glaucoma. However, the data is not absolute.

Can CBD Cause Blurred Vision?

Some research suggests that CBD can worsen the problem of Glaucoma instead of treating it. Whether you will get blurred vision or not depends upon your condition. Consult a doctor to know more.

Can CBD Oil Cause Liver Damage?

Some research suggests that using an excessive amount of CBD oil can cause liver damage. Therefore, you should only consume CBD in a controlled manner. If you are not sure of the right dose, consult a doctor. 


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