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Does CBD Influence Men & Women Differently?

Current users and prospective consumers of CBD can surely take the FDA’s increased interest in the plant-oriented compound as a significant sign. However, there are still miles to go if cannabidiol is regulated. Assessing the gender dissimilarity in reactions to CBD, for instance, is a more important step in making a clear, wholesome evaluation of the CBD’s safety and potency.Since the CBD products produced legally in the USA have been consumed for several years now, the Food & Drug Administration has more resources for this assessment out of an interest for public welfare (and, honestly, mercantile opportunities). 

However, the FDA and public both have the same concern: Does CBD affect women and men differently? The FDA has conducted several types of research and found some astonishing facts. At the end of this blog, you will have sufficient information about CBD and its impact on men and women. You might be concerned, is CBD safe for pregnant women, or is it helpful in pain-relieving? You will get to know each and everything here.

Here’s what the FDA has been up to lately.

A 4-Panel FDA Meeting Breaks Down CBD And Gender.

On November 19, 2020, the FDA conducted a  virtual meeting in which around a dozen of clinicians, advocates, educators, and research scholars shared their perspectives and knowledge on how cannabidiol affects men & women distinctly.

The corroboration they divulged went way beyond the more estimated variations in sex hormones, adducing very subtle differences in how women and men metabolize synthetic and natural substances, process pain, and much more.

Extensive introductions to cannabidiol were also flecked in by some of the presenters, which makes this an outstanding resource for people interested in cannabidiol.

It’s impossible you have a spare 5.5 hours at this very moment, and that’s why we took the liberty of filtering it down to the significant takeaways. Read through to know more about the discussion held in the meeting; also the benefits of CBD for women and men.

Drug Transportation & Liver Toxicity

Although CBD substance is known as a “non-intoxicating” compound, which is true in the sense that cannabidiol doesn’t draw out a high, substantial doses may contribute to liver toxicity when ingested in combination with specific drugs.

It happens because CBD has been proven to impede a category of cytochrome enzymes developed by the liver that aid the human bodies metabolizing a huge number of basic drugs (some antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, statins, and more). The experts of Shea’s Healing Way surveyed this effect further at the same time, also elucidating the disparity in liver toxicity across different genders.

He led the research entitled “Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity) in animal strictures of CBD used to know how a CBD compound reacts on men’s and women’s livers. Female and male mice were given 25mg/kg or 10 mg/kg doses of CBD along with a 400mg/kg dose of acetaminophen (attested drug interaction).

CB1 Receptor Density Differs Across Genders

Have you remembered a little about females being more pain-responsive in their central nervous systems? Our expert connected to the research previously made in the virtual meeting by highlighting a biological clue that corroborates the gender variation in pain viewpoint: CB1 receptor density

Combined, CB1 and CB2 receptors, the chemical transporters such as CBD that communicate with them, and the enzymes that split up these transporters after they have completed their jobs are massively known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Consequently, female subjects reportedly enjoyed CBD consumption more and were more curious about self-monitoring than men. 

In the meeting, researchers also discussed the CBD effects on brain (more on that later.)

Sex Hormones, Tolerance, And Abuse Potential Differences

At last, a few research scholars and scientists shared a few extremely significant insights regarding the influence of sex hormones on tolerance, pain alleviation, and (THC-potent cannabis) abuse potential.

In their research entitled “Sex-Based Effects of Cannabis and CBDs: A Translational Viewpoint,” Researchers showcased how estrogen and the pain-soothing efficacy of cannabidiol and a few other CBDs are positively interrelated. 

“THC-kind of drugs are 2-3 times more effective in female mice,” researchers explained in the meeting. Plus, they noted in female mice subjects that an inspection is necessary to the elevated “abuse liability.”

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CBD For Women

A study has shown that women are more prone compared to men to consume CBD to boost their overall health and wellness. However, when it comes to CBD for women, we can’t say whether CBDs effectively administer certain ailments and symptoms. Nevertheless, women do ingest CBD for multiple problems. 

CBD wellness for women is a term that has been induced after women start using CBD.

A few women use the CBD compound to seek support and relief when attempting to:

Reduce PMS Symptoms

PMS is a situation that influences a woman’s physical health, emotions, and behavior during particular days of the menstrual cycle or simply those days of the month. Women use CBD for mood swings and alleviating the pain. These painful symptoms are inimical on a regular basis, from mood swings to chronic pain and other health conditions. Early attestation demonstrates that CBD may ameliorate PMS symptoms. Estrogen effortlessly splits down and soaks cannabinoids such as CBD, improving its effects and balancing these hormone levels. 

Alleviate Anxiety 

When compared to men, women frequently tend to be suffering from anxiety. This largely affects several everyday situations such as social life, work, daily chores, family endeavors, and love relationships. Research has shown that cannabidiol can immensely aid with stress and anxiety, making these conditions effortless to manage.

CBD For Men

In comparison to women, men often use CBD. The CBD for men provides more relief to pain, better sleep, and alleviates stress. Similar to women, men consume CBD to detect a number of common pain management problems. 

There are a lot of CBD benefits for men, and some men use it to:

Help Regulate Blood Pressure 

Men suffer more from a high blood pressure condition than women, which puts them at a greater risk for stroke and developing heart disease. Men may ingest CBD in hopes of balancing their blood pressure. However, this is sometimes used as a prescribed medication proven to aid the condition. If you also want to use CBD for this particular reason, we recommend consulting with a doctor. 

Improve Erectile Dysfunction  

ED  or erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men and elevates as they age. Like CBD aids women with libido, it does for men similarly. Even though the physical causes of erectile dysfunction are complex, men use cannabidiol at times to assist with the psychological factor. Because people consume CBD to reduce their anxiety level, this, in turn, may help them with the mental effect of ED and may better performance anxiety in a few men.

Final Thoughts

This meeting was called to discuss and find out the fact if the CBD compound has the same effects on men and women and the researchers found that cannabinoids react differently on genders. Since the body structure is different, the functioning of a variety of substances also differs. However, the consumption of CBD is beneficial for both men and women; in fact, women are more likely to use CBD to alleviate pain and other health conditions than men.

If you want to use CBD to alleviate chronic pain or improve poor health conditions, you better consult with your doctor first and look for the best shop to grab responsive CBD products. Shea’s Healing Way strives to roll out the safe and highly potent CBD stuff such as topical CBD-infused patches and CBD oil tinctures. You can shop for this stuff at discounted prices. 

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