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CBD oil for erectile dysfunction

How To Use CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction hampers the ability to get an erection satisfying enough for sex. It is one of the most typical sexual dysfunction amongst men. Around 52% of people between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from this dysfunction. A survey estimated that there will be 322 million cases worldwide by 2025.CBD is an extract derived from hemp plants that have become increasingly popular for its potential health benefits and improving symptoms of many health conditions. It may help relieve pain, reduce anxiety, improve mood, and many more. While no proven study states that CBD can effectively treat erectile dysfunction, many incidents suggest CBD helps with some of the underlying physical and psychological causes of ED.

Therefore, today we will discuss the possible benefits of CBD for ED, its side effects, and the use of CBD oil for erectile dysfunction. Let’s begin!

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Before getting into details about how CBD may help treat ED, it’s important to understand erectile dysfunction. It is the inability to maintain or achieve a satisfying erection. Though ED becomes more common in men as they age, it can become a normal part of aging. It hurts a person’s sex life as well as confidence. Around 30 to 50 million men in the United States have ED. Although ED is not always a serious problem, it can indicate serious health conditions such as clogged vessels or nerve damage.

ED can be triggered by several factors, such as hormonal changes, side effects from medication, reduced blood flow, stress, or psychological concerns. Other health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep disorders, alcoholism, obesity, and Parkinson’s disease can also elevate the risk of ED. That’s why discussing ED and your symptoms with a doctor is crucial.

What Is CBD Oil Or Cannabidiol?

CBD is one of the many cannabis found in hemp plants. Unlike THC, it doesn’t cause any psychotic or euphoric effects. Research has indicated that CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. When consumed, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors and helps regulate your mood, relieves pain, aids digestion, enhances immunity, fights inflammation, supports reproductive health, and more.

Can CBD Oil Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Currently, no evidence states that CBD oil can help treat ED. However, research has indicated that CBD has potential health benefits and may help treat underlying conditions known to cause ED. 

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Stress, anxiety, and depression all affect libido as well as increase the risk of ED. They interacts with the endocannabinoid system and produces a calming effect. They easing the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. This is also known to help manage blood pressure and potentially improve blood circulation, which may enable more blood flow to the penis.

CBD might help improve libido in people who struggle with ED due to psychological reasons.

The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?

Using CBD oil is safe. It does not lead to any potential health risks. It is free of THC content and doesn’t cause any psychotic effects. Some people may undergo mild side effects such as fatigue, nausea, change in weight, increased appetite, and diarrhea.

CBD may also interfere with specific medication and impact the effects. Therefore, talking to a doctor before trying CBD for ED is better.

Best CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction

There are different kinds of CBD oil that you can use to improve your ED symptoms

You can apply CBD oil or CBD-infused lubricants directly to your penis. This will help boost blood flow to the penis and help in achieving a firm erection. Ensure to check the composition written on the packages. Some may be infused with additives that could cause sensitivity or a reaction.

There are 3 types of CBD oil currently available on the market. These are as follows:

CBD Isolate: CBD isolates only contain CBD. CBD isolate doesn’t infuse the products with other ingredients along with CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD: It contains CBD and other cannabinoids but not THC.

Full-spectrum CBD: Full-spectrum contains CBD and all other cannabinoids. CBD oil is infused with olive oil, organic coconut oil, or sunflower oil. Consuming CBD alone may not produce much greater benefits for health than CBD combined with other oil provides. Research has indicated that other cannabinoids may help improve the bioavailability and the effects of CBD and produce an entourage effect.

Dosage Of CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction

There is no approved dosage of CBD oil for ED. The effects vary from person to person. While some require a higher dosage, some feel better in lower doses. However, an experiment is needed to find a suitable dose for people as per their age. It is always better to see your doctor and discuss your case and dosage. We recommend you begin with a smaller dosage and increase slowly until you get the desired results.

How To Buy The Best CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction?

CBD is safe to consume. It has been legalized across the United States and is widely available in online and offline shops. But check a few significant details before buying any CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

  • THC content less than 0.3%
  • Third-party certification
  • Brand’s Authenticity and reputation

Additionally, you may also consider:

  • The price
  • The size
  • And the reviews

Places where you can get CBD oil for erectile dysfunction are:

  • Manufacturer’s websites 
  • E-commerce sites
  • Health and wellness shop
  • Cannabis Dispensaries

Sheas Healing Way is known to offer high-quality CBD tincture oil made from the finest CBD isolates. The Sheas Healing Way’s CBD products are affordable and easily accessible to the common people.

Lifestyle Modification For Erectile Dysfunction

As we already discussed, your lifestyle primarily affects your libido; everyday stress, anxiety, depression, lack of physical activity, absence of exercise, and an unhealthy diet all have a negative impact on your libido and thus lead to erectile dysfunction. Incorporating a few lifestyle changes can make a greater positive impact on your health as well as on your ED condition. So change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy, nutritious foods into your diet.

Other health conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension also impact your libido and lead to erectile dysfunction. Consulting a good doctor and managing these conditions well may greatly impact your health and ED.

Final Thoughts 

Erectile dysfunction comes under sexual problems. It can be frustrating, embarrassing, and hard on your relationship. You might also feel embarrassed to consult a good doctor or discuss your issues with your friends. But, it is necessary to see your doctor and start the necessary medication. Consulting a doctor also helps you diagnose your underlying health conditions affecting your libido. Discuss with your healthcare provider if you are considering taking CBD oil for erectile dysfunction. They will suggest the best, whether you should take it or not. Your doctor will also suggest the best and safe dosage to use and will not lead to any health risks.

Don’t forget to switch to an active and healthy lifestyle and incorporate healthy food into your diet routine. To shop for CBD oil, Visit Shea’s Healing Way.

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