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CBD Oil Works for Your Skin

Does CBD Oil Work To Heal Different Skin Conditions?

CBD oil is marketed in skincare products for everything from acne and wrinkles to psoriasis and eczema. But is it really beneficial for the skin? If CBD Oil Works for Your Skin? Is it worth the hype or just a marketing tactic?In this blog, we have tried to cover everything you are curious to know about CBD Oil!

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the non-intoxicating component of the hemp plant. CBD is derived as a powder mixed with oil like olive oil, hemp, or coconut oil, which helps boost the effectiveness of CBD. Hence it got the name CBD oil. CBD oil is free from the mind-altering properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. It is derived from the hemp plant, whose THC content is exceptionally low (often so intense that it is undetectable by testing equipment). So, it doesn’t make you feel high. Rather CBD Tincture oil benefits the users.

Another necessary fact that you must know is that CBD oil and hemp oil are different. Both are excellent ingredients for skin, but the significant difference is that CBD oil is richly concentrated in Cannabidiol, whereas hemp seed oil only contains trace amounts of Cannabidiol. CBD oil has different strengths, and people can utilize it in multiple ways. One can apply it directly to the skin, take a drop orally, or add it to creams or lotions to help with your skin condition.

In 2019, a study stated that topical treatments with CBD enriched ointments improve the symptoms of patients living with skin conditions. The CBD-enriched ointment was applied to lesioned skin twice daily for three months on 20 patients with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and scarred skin. The results from the patients showed that CBD does indeed help the skin in many ways. And surprisingly, they found that CBD Oil Work on Different Skin Types. It proved that CBD enriched oil or ointment holds many benefits for different skin conditions, including improving skin textures and appearance.

CBD Oil Helps With Inflammation, Eczema, And Psoriasis

One of the significant functions of CBD is managing inflammation. Our body has two CBD receptors, CB1 and CB2. CBD interacts with these receptors to turn the inflammatory response when applied to the skin. This happens by decreasing the chemical interleukins. In short, you may see less redness. It may also effectively compress itch in skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis, possibly because CBD oil may help reduce dryness.

A study published in the March-April 2019 looked at 20 participants with psoriasis, eczema, or scarring. They found that CBD oil improved measures of skin hydration (by moisturizing and preventing water loss), boosted skin elasticity, and bettered the quality of the skin (texture, tone, and removal of dullness). The researchers said this could have been due to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD. However, much more research on a larger human population is needed to know.

Though CBD oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, it is beneficial for treating many skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Still, before starting any such skin regime, it is always better to consult your dermatologist about using CBD oil-infused products if you have a chronic skin condition.

To know the benefits of CBD oil for more skin diseases, dermatologists often prescribe topical steroids creams, which act as anti-inflammatory medicines. These are very safe and effective for most people, but some people do not want to use steroids for many reasons, resulting in thinning of the skin. CBD oil could be a non-steroidal therapy to fill that gap and treat many such conditions effectively. Besides that, CBD oil is a potential tool to delay early signs of aging as inflammation is the basis of all skin diseases.

While there is so much hype surrounding the benefits of CBD oil for skin and health, it is essential to know that CBD oil significantly impacts different skin conditions. But it doesn’t cure the disease overall. It only makes a significant improvement in skin conditions which is often remarkable.

CBD Oil Plays A Significant Role In Treating Acne

Besides Being a potential therapy for inflammatory skin disease, CBD oil also significantly treats acne. Research has firmly stated that acne is an inflammatory condition. Although multiple factors trigger acne, one such is inflammation. That’s where CBD oil comes in. It reduces inflammation, helps skin, and reduces breakouts. 

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According to research, CBD oil can potentially decrease excess sebum production (excess sebum production is responsible for breakouts or acne), possibly due to its balancing effect on the flow of skin oil. CBD oil is a suitable ingredient for acne-prone skin, while its calming benefits help reactive skin look better and feel better. Overall, CBD oil improves the quality of your skin.

CBD Oil Reduces Wrinkles And Signs Of Aging

CBD oil has antioxidant properties. The antioxidants in CBD help lessen the visible signs of aging by contracting free-radical damage and reducing the look of inflammation. The anti-aging creams with CBD oil potentially diminish issues like wrinkles, skin dullness, and uneven skin tone.

CBD Oil Does Wonders For Sensitive Skin

Another characteristic of CBD is that it has remarkable soothing properties. And its considerable skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects can help reduce issues related to skin sensitivity, such as redness and reactivity.

CBD Oil Helps With Sunburns

Finally, the newest benefit of CBD oil for skin is protection from Sunburns.

Researchers stated that adding CBD to sunscreen protects skin from sun damage. CBD oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce sunburns, such as redness. 

Of course, the important thing is to remember that whenever you apply sunscreen, ensure to apply it correctly. Many of us miss those delicate areas that often come in direct sun contact and are highly reactive. So the idea to get the maximum benefits is to apply the CBD oil-infused sunscreen correctly.

CBD oil can do wonders for everyone’s skin since all skin types are affected by environmental stressors, and CBD’s unique soothing mechanism can help keep everyone’s skin in check.

Bottom Line

We all know that CBD oil offers many benefits to physical and mental health. But few of us are aware of its benefits for the skin. CBD oil can do wonders for eczema, psoriasis, acne-prone skin, dull skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and many more. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and unique soothing properties that help treat these skin conditions effectively and also help improve the quality of skin overall.

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