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How Effective Is Topical CBD Patch In Healing Pain & Inflammation

How Effective Is Topical CBD Patch In Healing Pain & Inflammation

Are you tired of the pain in your arms, legs, or other body parts? Ever thought of applying CBD patches for pain relief? If not, then this is the confirmation you need to try out the CBD patches. At Shea’s Healing Way, you can get the most effective CBD products at cost-effective prices. Are you wondering how effective is topical CBD patch ? This blog will tell you all about CBD patches and how they work on our bodies. And also why these products are the best for relieving pain effectively and quickly. We will also go in-depth about why these patches are better than CBD oil in helping deal with pain. But first, let’s see what CBD patches are before we go any further. 

What Are CBD Topical Patches?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of chemical that is extracted from the Sativa plant, also referred to as hemp or cannabis. The extracted CBD is used in patches and works similarly to nicotine patches. They stick to the skin to provide relief but contain CBD isolates. 

The patches are waterproof so that you can use them on your skin, and they won’t get torn due to water. Moreover, every patch is packed with 50mg of pure CBD particles for effective pain relief. These patches are also free from any THC content, making them safe for use. THC is the element in cannabinoids that can make you high and is considered a drug. Furthermore, these patches are safe for regular people and athletes who are not allowed to use any dope before playing games.  

Made from 100 percent CBD, these patches provide effective and immediate results. These patches are clear and discreet and are not noticeable when worn. Thus, you can wear them even when you are going out. The medical-grade adhesive and hypoallergenic patches are perfect for people who have sensitive skin and also for people who are skin conscious. 

A pack of patches contains 30 patches which means that even if you use a patch every day, you get a whole month’s supply. 

Why Use CBD Patch Instead Of Oil?

A CBD topical patch is made using 100% CBD particles and is more likely to work better when combined with cannabidiol oil. These patches increase the concentration of CBD in the body, especially in the affected parts of the body. 

CBD oils contain a higher level of cannabidiol in contrast to patches, but they circulate in the whole body through the blood. Thus, it takes time for the oils to show their effects. 

CBD patches have pure CBD, unlike oil which contains flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenes, fatty acids, cannabinoids, and other such compounds. The patches concentrate on one place and work faster in reducing pain or inflammation in the application area. 

If you are searching for long-term effects, then oil and patches work together for the better. However, patches are the best choice if you want immediate relief. With no THC in both products, there will be no psychoactive effect, even if you use both of them together. 

What Is The Work Of A CBD Patch? 

Patches are easily the best way for your body to get a constant dose of CBD and get its most benefits. Since a patch remains in contact with your skin for 24 hours, your body gets a consistent and slow release of CBD. It means that even if you forget about taking your oil dosage, you don’t have to worry about it. Since these patches are waterproof, they will stick to your body for longer hours. Also, these are comfortable to carry as you don’t have to carry your oil bottle everywhere.    

What Are The Types Of Things That CBD Patches Help With?

Various studies claim that cannabidiol effectively reduces pain in the body, even for people who suffer from arthritis pain. The topical way of releasing CBD in the body helps block the receptors that send the pain signal in the body. They can also help deal with difficult-to-treat nerve pain. 

Furthermore, they have anti-inflammatory properties on the body, which is important in dealing with the root cause of pain; inflammation. This topical method also has minimal side effects on the body and offers long-term delivery of cannabidiol to the body. The benefits also include reduced back, neck, and nerve pain, arthritis pain, and painful skin conditions.    

How Do CBD Patches Work On The Body?

Our skin not only secrets the things it does not want, but it can also absorb substances. And that is why using patches to deliver cannabidiol into the bloodstream through the skin is the ideal choice. 

There are several benefits of taking CBD this way. It includes no waste and cost efficiency. Also, patches deliver a steady dose of CBD into your body to reduce pain and help treat any inflammation. Patches also prevent you from overdosing on CBD, which is impossible with any other product.  


And it’s a wrap for how effective is topical CBD patch and we hope that you have found the answer. The topical patches are extremely effective in treating and reducing nerve pain, inflammation, and back and neck pain. If you don’t want any psychoactive effects, Shea’s Healing Way provides 100% pure cannabidiol topical patches with zero THC. The 50mg full spectrum patches are hypoallergenic and waterproof to ensure safety and a lost-lasting product. This topical solution completes your everyday CBD requirements. Have the best quality CBD patches by your side; visit our online store to start shopping now!


Do CBD patches do anything?  

A CBD topical patch is the perfect way to deliver cannabidiol into the skin. Not just effective, but this method is also faster in providing relief from the pain. Since these patches provide a steady dose into the skin, the relief from the pain also lasts for a longer time. These are perfect for any localized pain in the back, knees, and neck. 

How long does topical CBD take to absorb into the skin?

Topical CBD patches can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour to enter the skin and show their effects on the affected area. When cannabidiol is put on the skin, it takes less time to get absorbed and does not enter the bloodstream. However, if you take CBD in oral form or through some other means, then it will enter the bloodstream and your whole body. 

Do CBD patches work for back pain?

CBD is especially known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. They are even used in medicinal drugs for the same purpose. Researches also prove that CBD can help reduce long-standing back and neck pain and anxiety. It also helps improve sleep quality and relaxes your body. 

Can you use too much topical CBD?

Yes, it is possible to ingest too much CBD. A person should intake a specific amount of cannabidiol in a day, and it should not exceed 200 mg.  

Are CBD patches addictive?

According to the studies, humans do not show any signs of addiction or abuse associated with CBD patches. Even if you use these patches daily, you will not get dependent on them.



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