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CBD Patches for pain

Know About The CBD Patches & Their Efficacy In Healing Body Pain

The popularity of CBD patches is skyrocketing, and they are officially everywhere. It started as a niche alternative in the healthcare sector, and now it has become a nationwide preference. Studies show that 64% of Americans are well aware of CBD products, and 33% have used CBD at least once. Out of these percentages, 22% said that CBD products have helped them replace allopathic drugs. CBD user demographics tell us that these people most likely belong to the 18-29 age group, including men and women. Some of them were also 40 and above in age. Moreover, CBD products are not only present in oils and tinctures anymore. There is a whole array of CBD products in markets today, including gummies, patches, lattes, bath bombs, makeup, and even dog treats. 

But is it that effective? Or just another so-called health trend that fades away with time?

Let’s read this blog and find out the answers. 

Do CBD Patches Work In Pain Relief? 

To know about CBD patches for pain, let’s understand how CBD works in our bodies. 

CBD fanatics describe it as a life-changing medicine with positive effects. It can heal heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, acne, autoimmune diseases, and the list. 

Researchers have found little substantial evidence of CBD and its ability to treat these conditions effectively. 

We know that inflammation and stress can be contributing factors to such ailments. So, there might be some truth to the claims. 

People are taking CBD in the morning smoothies as part of a skincare routine or in the form of edible oils, gummies, etc. Taking regular CBD has been potentially beneficial for some people.

But, one might wonder how CBD patches work in pain relief and how effective they are in the same? 

CBD has a long medicinal history of healing body pain. CBD is derived from a species of plant. It has several compounds that act on the endocannabinoid system in the body and block pain receptors. Furthermore, it can heal nerve pains too. CBD compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing inflammation.

Also, it is loaded with antioxidants that have calming effects on the mind and the body. These combined effects help cure body pain such as neck pain, back pain, and muscle pain. 

A reliable study source says that CBD compounds have helped people reduce myofascial pain. This study focused specifically on the head and jaw muscles in people suffering from temporomandibular disorder (TMD). 

Additionally, in another case, it was concluded that CBD products help people in chronic pain. In a study, 97 participants consumed CBD for eight weeks, and others took opioids for pain relief. Out of these participants, 94% reported efficient pain relief rather than those who took the other option. More people prefer using CBD products to Opioids. 

Now, let’s talk about CBD patches and their efficacy in treating pains.

Researchers and CBD experts explain CBD patches are as effective as CBD oil tinctures, and in fact, they offer many benefits compared to oral products. We must consume CBD orally because it is metabolized by the body first before the compound starts circulating in the system. Consequently, this process increases the efficacy of the CBD product, and it doesn’t have to go through a long digestive canal to work. The more CBD compounds reach into the bloodstream, the more it can effectively work on the site of the pain.

CBD products are designed to stay in the body for several days. You will get a gradual and constant dose of CBD products that target the peculiar area with pain. Considering people don’t want to inhale or eat CBD, some prefer to use topical CBD patches. 

CBD products don’t have to remember the dosage. You have to take CBD products or apply them topically. They don’t affect your lifestyle. You just wear them and carry on with the rest of your activities. 

Additionally, CBD patches are more effective in treating a specific area you wish to heal, such as the shoulder and lower back, rather than dealing with body pains and aches throughout the body. 

If you’re using CBD for chronic pain and don’t want to reapply frequently, then know that a patch is a better alternative than creams and lotions. In comparison to other topical products, a patch is less messy.

Two types of research show CBD products may effectively treat inflammation and block pain. It relieves nerve pain and back injury and promotes muscle relaxation in people suffering from teeth grinding. 

If you are convinced to use CBD patches for pain relief, you should know the righteous ways to wear them and obtain maximum benefits. Read ahead to learn the same.

Do’s And Don’ts Of CBD Patches 

Here are some essential measures you should take while using CBD patches for body pain.

  • If you’re new to CBD, start with a low-dose patch and work your way up from there until you’ve figured out how your body reacts.
  • Twenty milligrams (mg) is a decent starting dose for many people. If you experience chronic pain or find that a lower dose isn’t working for you, gradually raise your dose. CBD patches with 100 mg or more of CBD are more powerful.
  • Before taking CBD, speak with a doctor or a CBD clinician. They can assist you in determining the proper dosage and may be able to make product recommendations.
  • According to a 2017 reliable source, CBD is generally considered safe. Some people may have mild side effects such as lethargy, diarrhea, changes in appetite, and weight changes.
  • CBD has the potential to interfere with any medications you’re taking. Before starting CBD, check with a healthcare expert to ensure it’s right for you. 
  • Stop using it if you become irritated. Adhesive sticker patches should not be used on broken skin.
  • If you are pregnant or have some severe ailments and allergies, consult with your doctor before usage. 
  • Children and senior citizens must always take proper prescriptions and follow the advice of CBD experts. 
  • Do not use transdermal or topical patches if you have any skin allergies and reactions.
  • For optimum results, take CBD oil tincture as prescribed by the CBD experts. 
  • Consider how long you want to wear CBD patches and what characteristics are essential to you. Some patches can be worn for a few hours, 24 hours, or even a few days. Some are sweatproof or waterproof, so you can wear them even when showering.

Tips To Buy The Right CBD Patch 

Seek CBD patches that match the following requirements:

  • Look for an FDA-approved CBD brand with proper certification and license to sell CBD.
  • The amount of CBD in the product should be mentioned on the label. Check that THC content is less than 0.3% in this product. This is the legal limit set by the federal government. 
  • Some states may permit items with higher THC concentrations. So check the rules in your State. 
  • The company is open about where its vitamins are grown or sourced.
  • Growing, harvesting, and packaging methods of the brand. 
  • The company specifies what is contained in each patch.
  • An impartial third-party lab conducts product testing.
  • The majority of the patches will be stick-on, but others will be more wrap-style and will not be sticky.

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The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that CBD patches are safe and beneficial in treating pain. For best results, consider taking CBD oil and tinctures. CBD patches significantly improve the bioavailability of CBD edibles. Ultimately, you will have the full range of CBD compounds in your system, and it will work astoundingly for you. Consult your doctor before taking CBD or increasing your usual dose. 

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