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What Are CBD Patches Good for? Do They Work For Anxiety?

For a long time, CBD has been used as a natural remedy to treat many issues. Because of its medicinal properties, today, you can find it as a main or subsidiary ingredient in various products, such as capsules, oil, gummies, creams, lotions, etc. However, CBD patches are the biggest innovation when it comes to using CBD for anxiety and other health benefits.

But do your know what CBD patches are? Well, these are simple bandages containing CBD particles used for anxiety and pain relief. All you need to do is to apply it anywhere on the body and leave it to allow the CBD to get released into the bloodstream. 

A large group of people supports the product’s effectiveness against anxiety and pain relief. However, many of us are still peculiar about it. Thus, if you are someone like us looking for an answer to questions like What are CBD patches? What are they good for? Do they work for anxiety? And what are the benefits of using CBD patches? Let’s find the answers to everything about CBD patches. 

What Are CBD Patches?

CBD patches, also known as transdermal patches, provide a unique way of treating pain and lowering inflammation. The concept of CBD patches is very much identical to birth control patches or nicotine patches. These are small band-aid-like pieces of material infused with CBD. These patches are also relatively simple to apply and use. CBD patches are plastic patches that contain a CBD-infused layer and a sticky layer that allow the patch to get stuck to the skin.  

How Do CBD Patches Work For Pain And Anxiety?

CBD patches are equally effective as that CBD consumed orally. But, they differ in the process of their functioning. When one uses oral CBD, it first goes into the stomach, gets assimilated by the body, and then starts circulating in the bloodstream. But unlike the oral methods, CBD infused in the patches gets directly circulated in the bloodstream. As a result, more CBD gets into the blood, treating the pain of the affected area more quickly. 

A CBD patch is directly applied on the skin and can remain stuck in the body for many hours. The patch allows the CBD to get into the body and target the affected area. The best advantage of using CBD patches is that one does not have to re-apply them multiple times a day, unlike CBD lotions, creams, or oil. 

Patches are also suitable for treating a specific body area, such as the lower back, shoulder, etc. Some studies show that topical CBD effectively treats back injury and relieves nerve pain. It is also helpful to lower inflammation and reducing anxiety. There are many clinical trials that show CBD is helpful in reducing anxiety. But, as research on CBD patches is limited, there are a lot of questions that are still looking for their answers. 

Are CBD Patches Good For Pain?

CBD patches are good for several reasons, and one of the most commonly known benefits is pain reduction. Some research has shown CBD as an effective way to relieve the pain of various conditions like arthritis. 

When it comes to the effectiveness of CBD patches, it works in two different methods. First, it acts as a pain reliever, and second, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. When it comes to A CBD patch, its first properties make it effective in reducing localized pain, whereas its anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in lowering the symptoms of anxiety.   

Unlike other products, patches have many benefits in various ways. It provides minimal side effects, targeted pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and long-term effects of CBD. 

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Would CBD Patches Help With Anxiety?

A 2015 review by researchers found that CBD interacts with many types of receptors like cannabinoid type 1, serotonin 5-HT(1A), etc. It further helps in regulating fear and many other behaviors related to anxiety. The review also showed that CBD effectively alleviates various anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and generalized anxiety disorder. 

In a 2020 study, 397 adults participated and provided CBD prescriptions for various problems like non-cancer pain, mental and neurological symptoms, etc. 70% of those who participated have experienced a change in their daily function and symptoms. They felt an improvement in their daily activities and a reduction in the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Only 9.9% of the people among 397 adults observed some minor side effects. 

Some case studies have revealed that using broad-spectrum CBD patches helps treat anxiety. When CBD enters the body, it first relaxes the mind, reduces inflammation, and promotes good sleep. 

How To Use CBD For Anxiety?

As CBD patches are new in the market, one must be aware of their wear time for anxiety. A patch with a long time can be used for its long-term effects, whereas one with a shorter time is used to lower discomfort. Also, CBD patches differ in the composition of their chemical and the substances used to manufacture them. They are popularly known to contain anxiety-reducing and pain-reliever properties that help improve sleep ability.  

These patches are applied to the body, and then the CBD as a medicine is released from these patches and goes into the bloodstream between 8-12 hours, bypassing the body’s organs. One can easily apply CBD on the skin and use these patches daily to get their CBD dose. One must check the recommended wear time of the CBD patch.

Who Should Use A CBD Patch?

CBD patches are suitable for people who do not prefer consuming CBD orally or dislike its taste. Also, it is good for those with a busy schedule or who do not have much time to re-apply CBD products like cream, oil, or lotion. It is a mess-free solution that does need to be re-applied multiple times. CBD patches target pain in specific areas, making them unsuitable for the one who wants full-body pain relief. Also, people who are suffering from anxiety can also use CBD patches and lower their symptoms.     

Are CBD Patches Safe?

CBD is normally considered safe, but some may feel some side effects. It may cause problems like fatigue, change in weight, diarrhea, etc. It may also interact with many other medications. So, it is vital to always talk to a doctor and take their advice before using any CBD product. It is also important that one must take the right dosage of CBD to avoid such side effects. A breastfeeding or pregnant woman must not use CBD as it may affect their child’s health. Also, one must stop using CBD patches if irritation or reaction occurs. 

Will A CBD Patch Get You High?

CBD patches are designed so that they will not make you high. These patches are manufactured to lower the amount of THC usage and increase CBD. No CBD product will make you high until and unless it is mislabeled, you have taken the wrong dosage, or taken the incorrect product. These patches are designed to provide most of the medicinal benefits without making you high. As patches come in different dosages, one must take the right one. 

Is CBD Legal?

A lot of people question whether CBD is legal or not; however, the legality of CBD depends on its origin. According to the government, CBD extracted from cannabis comes under Schedule 1 and is considered illegal. But CBD extracted from hemp containing THC less than 0.3% when measured dry is legal. Also, CBD products that are not FDA-approved are illegal to sell. It means the legality of CBD depends on its source and the product type. 

The 2018 Farm Bill has also made the cultivation and production of hemp legal. Federally, the sale and regulation of industrial hemp have also become legal. However, some states consider hemp-based CBD legal, whereas others consider using any CBD product illegal. Other states do not allow the usage of CBD for medicinal purposes. In some states, it is conditionally legal, whereas, in others, it is fully legal.   

Because of the lack of regulation in some states, CBD is sold illegally. It also increases the risk of selling fake or wrong CBD products. So, it is vital that CBD and hemp industries must have proper regulations for the sale of their ingestible products.  

How Are CBD Patches Different From Other CBD Products?

CBD patches differ from other products like oils, gummies, and capsules. These patches provide transdermal delivery of the system into the body’s bloodstream via skin pores. It bypasses the organs and goes directly into the blood, increasing the bioavailability; it means increasing the CBD amount used by the body. 

As you keep it applied on the skin, a constant flow of CBD goes into the body, relieving pain and inflammation. But, in other products, you may need multiple applications. 

How To Utilize CBD Patches?

Before using any CBD product, one must read all the instructions. Also, one must ensure that CBD patches are not applied to broken skin. 

First, to use the patch, remove it from the package and apply it to the affected area. Make sure to use adhesive patches on the soft area of the skin, such as the lower back. CBD patches are the most effective when it is applied on the largest area of the skin. Avoid placing CBD patches from where they can fall with body movement, like joints or other bony areas. Also, wearing the patch for a maximum time, as mentioned in the package and takes its full benefit. 

If one has a non-adhesive CBD patch, then it can be used as a heating pad. One needs to place it on the affected body area and let it work. After that, one has to discard it after the suggested time mentioned on the package.    

Where To Apply CBD patches?

As mentioned earlier, one must avoid irregular or bony areas of the body and apply it to the plain or soft areas. Some of the common areas where CBD patches work the best are: 

  • Lower back
  • Shoulder
  • Inside part of the biceps
  • Lower thigh 
  • Inside part of the ankle
  • Inside the area of the wrists
  • The back side of the neck

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What Amount Of CBD Dosage Is Suitable?

As a beginner, one must start with a low patch dosage. As the body responds or as per the need, one must slowly move on to the next step. 20 mg is always considered one of the most suitable dosages to start with CBD patches. A small dosage of CBD patch may not work if one has chronic pain. Also, if you have major symptoms of anxiety, then a low dosage of CBD may not work for you. In this case, one may need to increase the dose of their CBD patch. A strong patch containing 100 mg or more amount of CBD can be used when one has severe pain or anxiety.  

Before choosing the CBD patch, one must talk to a doctor and take advice for using the right CBD patch dosage. 

How to Choose Or Shop For The Right CBD Patch?

While choosing any CBD product, one must look for products made by known or reliable manufacturers. These companies always go through safe manufacturing processes. They also test each of their product via a self-governing third-party testing lab that reveals the product does not carry any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Also, the CBD product that goes through a third-parting lab test carries a certificate of analysis that shows the potency of the CBD product. 

While buying CBD patches, one must take care of a few things. Make sure that a CBD patch must fulfill the following criteria. 

Strength & Dosage

CBD patches come in various dosages, so you must choose the best that suits your problem. If you are a beginner, you must choose a low-dose CBD patch and slowly go to high-dosage CBD patches. 

Source of Hemp

Make sure the CBD used in the product must be grown where it is legal. One must avoid buying a product that contains CBD grown in places where it is illegal. Make sure to buy products that provide complete information. The company must tell about the origin of the hemp; where it grows. Also, choose the product that describes all the ingredients used in a specific patch. 

Availability of THC content

While buying a CBD product, one must make sure that it contains the right amount of THC. It must contain THC lower than 0.3%, a legal limit at the federal level. 


One may see the difference in the price of CBD patches of different companies. One must buy the CBD product as per their need and budget, keeping in mind that it must fulfill all the criteria. 

Lab test

When buying CBD products, one must check that it has undergone a third-party lab test. The company must provide a certificate of analysis (COAs) showing the third-party lab testing result. 

While purchasing the CBD patch, one must also consider how long one has to apply it. Consider the type of patch one wants, as some patches are adhesive, whereas some are non-adhesive. Also, some are waterproof, whereas some are not.  

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Patches?

CBD patches, also called dermal patches, offer many benefits when placed on the affected area of the body. These patches provide an effective way of delivering CBD into the blood via the skin’s pores. Whether you use it for pain or anxiety, CBD patches provide a lot of benefits. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of CBD patches. 

Effective Delivery System

Transdermal CBD patches are always more effective than any other oral CBD products. These patches have many benefits over other CBD products. Unlike oral CBD, these patches directly go into one’s bloodstream, bypassing the organs in the body. It is helpful for lowering the body’s inflammation and pain related to various conditions such as edema, arthritis, dermatitis, and many more.    

No Significant Side Effects

CBD patches are the safest way to relieve pain without causing any severe side effects. One may experience minor effects like drowsiness, vomiting, headaches, tiredness, etc., but there is no risk of health problems. One usually suffers from these minor side effects when one takes a higher amount of CBD dosage than the body requires. Whenever you face any severe side effects due to some reason, remove the CBD patch, and you will get relief. Also, switch to a lower dosage of CBD patch; this may not irritate you. As the body responds, you can slowly move to the higher dosage. 

Do Not Have To Apply Multiple Times

Being a topical CBD product, patches are applied to the body where you experience pain. Once applied, it provides a constant flow of CBD into the body for 24 hours. You do need to have to apply CBD patches multiple times a day, like oil, lotion, etc., or eat capsules. It is very suitable for the one who always has a busy schedule and cannot take time out for themselves. 

Effective In Lowering Issues Related To Pain

CBD patches are suitable for lowering issues related to pain. People have experienced relief from pain caused by various conditions like fibromyalgia, cancer, anxiety, arthritis, spinal injuries, and many more. CBD patches help manage all types of acute and chronic pain. Many studies show CBD is effective in pain management without causing side effects. 

What Are The Risks And Side Effects Of CBD?

With benefits, these CBD patches also have some side effects; however, these are minor effects. It may include drowsiness, oversleeping, fatigue, appetite, weight change, etc. Let’s look at some more of the side effects caused by CBD. 

Interaction with other medicines

When one takes any medicines while using CBD products, they may interact, causing some side effects. These side effects may be quickly visible or after some time. So, one must take advice from a doctor before consuming any medicine.   

Cause problems to the liver

One research shows that a regular intake of CBD may increase the level of enzymes as the liver damage indication. Also, people having liver problems must talk to the doctor and take advice before using any CBD product. But, using a CBD patch that offers a transdermal delivery system bypasses the organ, including the liver, making it less risky than other CBD delivery systems. 

Allergic Reactions

CBD does not cause any allergies, but the ingredients used in the product may cause allergic reactions, such as flavors, additives, carrier oils, etc. Some people also get reactions due to adhesive used in a patch. Sometimes, when sweat gets trapped under the patch, it also causes skin allergies and irritation. 

Reduce the blood pressure level

When one receives a high amount of CBD, it relaxes the blood vessel wall, lowering the blood pressure level. When it drops significantly, it starts causing dizziness and many other complications.     


CBD is helpful, but any possible contaminants during the manufacturing process may contaminate the CBD patches. It may be because of pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals. It may put the person at risk of many problems, like reactions. That is why ensuring that a highly reputable company makes the product is vital.

Choosing The Best CBD Patches

As you have seen above, CBD patches are one of the products of CBD. It is an effective and mess-free alternative to using CBD to lower body pain. These patches also help lower inflammation and reduce anxiety. Anyone with pain-related issues can use these CBD patches after taking a proper suggestion from a doctor. But where can you find the best CBD patch? When you consult your doctor, they may suggest some of the best CBD patches for your problem. 

You can even look for the Sheas Healing Way’s CBD patches. A well-known company to provide the best quality CBD patches. The best part of this product is that it is made with 100% pure CBD and is THC-free. Also, it is latex-free, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic with medical-grade adhesive. Our CBD patches are perfect for getting relief from localized pain. Also, it is suitable for lowering anxiety and reducing arthritis pain, back pain, nerve pain, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

While using a CBD patch, you do not have to re-apply it. You have to place it once, and a constant flow of CBD releases into the body, which helps reduce chronic pain. But, when you use oil, you must re-apply it multiple times in a single day. Also, CBD patches are mess-free, unlike CBD oils.

It may show up if you use a broad spectrum of CBD with a high amount of THC. That is why you must choose the right product that contains a legal amount of THC or is THC-free. Make sure it is third-party tested and has a proper certificate of analysis.

The patch’s duration depends on the CBD patch’s type and quality. Some patches are made to wear for a few hours, whereas some are used for a few days. Make sure to wear the patch for only the hours mentioned on the package.

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