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How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? Know It All Here.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? Know It All Here.

CBD has gained huge popularity over the last few years. Cannabidiol is known to offer a host of health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, and promoting sleep. Doctors and patients are utilizing it to treat and improve many health conditions, including arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, relieving cancer treatment pain, and more. But one question has been popping into everyone’s mind: how long does CBD stay in your system?Generally, CBD stays in a person’s system for hours to about a month. The duration purely depends on how much a person takes and how they take it.

The half-life of CBD typically ranges from 1 hour to 5 days. Half-life is the time your body requires to eliminate one-half of the substance. The human body takes up to five half-lives to eliminate a drug completely from the body.

The half-life of CBD sprays and drops is 1.4 to 10.9 hours. A higher dosage of CBD can increase its half-life to 2 to 5 days. The half-life of CBD through vaping and smoking is 31 hours. This means CBD sprays can stay in the body for 10 to 25 days, higher amounts of CBD consumption stay in the body for 10 to 25 days, and CBD consumed through smoking lasts for a week after smoking.

During a trial in 2020, people who consumed a single dose of a standardized CBD formulation had detectable levels of CBD in their urine for four to five days after ingestion.

Factors That Influence CBD Staying In Your System?

How long CBD stay in your system can depend on various factors such as:

CBD Staying In Your System Relies On How And What You Eat?

What you intake and in what quantity you eat impact the process of CBD staying in your body. Processing of CBD staying in your system usually takes longer after eating a high-fat meal or takes less while you consume CBD while fasting. For example, if you consume CBD after eating a high-fat meal, your body will take longer to process the CBD. If you consume CBD on an empty stomach, it will take less time to process the CBD in your system.

CBD Staying Time In Your System Depends On How Much You Use It

Well, we guess you already know this! Unsurprisingly how long does CBD stay in your system depends on how much you consume CBD? The more CBD you take at once, the longer it stays in your system. 

It Depends On How Often You Use It

How long CBD will stay in your system depends on the frequency of your usage?

CBD is highly soluble in fat and can build up in fatty tissues for longer. Consuming a higher amount of CBD remains in the tissue for longer periods of time, especially in users who consume it frequently.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System Depends On Your Body

As you know, everyone’s body is different. And consuming CBD affects people differently. Their metabolism, immune system, digestive strength, and body mass index all play a vital role. These are all the vital factors of how your body reacts to CBD and how long it takes to process CBD in your system.

CBD Staying Time Depends On The Method Of Use

The method you use to consume CBD directly affects the duration of CBD stays in your system. Below are the different forms of CBDs.

  • Oil and tincture
  • Pill and capsule
  • Edible or gummies
  • Vape
  • Cream or lotion

When you consume CBD through vaping, it enters your lungs, affects you instantly, and leaves the body quickly (you should avoid it). CBD oil and tinctures are typically consumed by placing under the tongue, absorbed in the bloodstream faster, and stay longer.

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Our digestive system is prone to absorb edible forms of CBD. So consuming CBD in edible forms may take sustain for longer. Creams and lotions also seem to get slowly into and out of the body.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System Also Depends On Your Liver

Your medical condition impacts how long CBD stays in your system, especially if you have any liver disease or are on certain medications.

Since the liver metabolizes CBD and other drugs, people with liver disease or who are on other medication may have altered metabolism. You may know that the human liver contains enzymes that help break down food and drugs. Consuming medicine affects the enzymes or may increase or decrease the activity of enzymes, which can also affect the processing of CBD and other drugs. When you take CBD in this condition, it may process either faster or slower than normal and also lead to adverse reactions.

CBD is a potential drug that may interact with many other medications. Ensure to consult your doctor before taking any CBD products, especially if you are on other medication.

How Long Does CBD Take To Produce The Effect?

The time CBD takes to produce its effect depends on the form used to consume CBD, its dosage, your body type, system, and what food you eat before and after consuming CBD. All these factors majorly affect how quickly CBD kicks in and how long it stays in your body system.

If you take CBD through vaping, it will start producing the effects within 15 minutes. In contrast, the edibles and other topical products may take an hour to kick in and produce the effects. 

Note: Consuming CBD in the forms of oils, tinctures, patches, and edibles takes longer to produce the effect and sustain for longer, providing you with the maximum benefits. 

Final Thoughts

How Long CBD Stay in Your System depends on various factors that have already been discussed above. Stating one cause would be false. It depends on multiple factors, from the various forms of CBD to different body types to what food you eat before and after consuming CBD. Your health, lifestyle, and medical condition also affect the process. So it is hard to say exactly how long CBD stays in your system.

However, taking CBD in edibles, oils, and tinctures would be more beneficial than taking CBD through vaping. Consuming CBD in the forms of edibles and oils produces longer effects.

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