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What Is A CBD Topical Patch? Does It Help Relieve Pain?

CBD products are slaying everywhere. CBD finds its way into almost everything, as its benefits are innumerable. The number of CBD products available on the market is staggering, ranging from CBD oil, capsules, vapes, drinks, and gummies. However, one of the fastest-growing CBD markets is CBD topical patches taking over all the translucent and heat patches.

What Is A CBD Topical Patch?

CBD Topical Patches are similar to transdermal patches. It contains cannabidiol (CBD) and slowly releases CBD into the bloodstream through the skin. CBD topical patches are more suitable for specific applications, such as treating back, neck, or knee pain.

How Do CBD Topical Patches Work?

A topical botanical patch contains CBD and other healing ingredients to apply to the skin directly. They work similarly to nicotine patches, delivering CBD into the bloodstream. This transdermal method provides the CBD quickly to the local area around the patch and works its way into the bloodstream. This allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream directly and instantly. CBD patches stay on the skin, delivering CBD over a more extended period and potentially providing a steady stream of relief from symptoms.

CBD patches are infused with permeation enhancers to increase the skin’s permeability and allow more CBD because transdermal delivery is relatively slow, and not all of the CBD can pass through the skin alone.

How CBD Topical Patches Help In Relieve Pain

For ages, CBD has been used for pain reduction anecdotally and through traditional medicinal systems. CBD has been an effective pain reliever for people with various conditions, including arthritis and multiple sclerosis. 

CBD Works Against Pain In Two Different Ways

Here are the two ways how a topical botanical patch works against the pain:

  1. First, they act on the endocannabinoid system within the body to block the receptors for various types of pain, even those difficult to treat, such as nerve pain.
  2. Second, they have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which may help reduce pain from sources of inflammation.

In combination with the transdermal delivery system, these effects may take CBD patches best for the forms of inflammation, nerve pain, and localized pain.

Some Additional Benefits Of Using CBD Topical Patch

When it comes to additional benefits, CBD also plays an important role. Below are some of the additional benefits of CBD patches:

  • Sustained long-term delivery of CBD
  • Minimal adverse effects
  • Localized anti-inflammatory activity
  • Instant pain relief

How Do CBD Topical Patches Are Different From Other CBD Products For Pain?

Unlike gummies, oils, and capsules, patches deliver CBD through the skin. This means the CBD bypasses your digestive system, potentially increasing bioavailability or the amount of CBD your body uses. 

When you keep a patch on the skin, you are potentially getting a steady stream of pain relief as the CBD enters your bloodstream over a longer time.

What To Check While Shopping For CBD?

Ensure to take the CBD patches that meet the following criteria:

  • How much CBD is in the product.
  • The product contains less than0.3 percent THC.
  • An independent third-party lab does the product testing and has the certification.
  • The company tells you their source of CBD.
  • The company tells you exactly what is in each patch.

Where To Get The CBD Topical Patches?

Shea’s Healing Way provides the safest, best quality, and highly effective CBD products at an affordable price. Our CBD Patches are produced from high-quality industrial hemp and tested at multiple stages. Here is our highly effective CBD-infused topical botanical wonder patch that can help your overall health.

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Botanical Wonder CBD Topical Patch (30 Patches) 50 mg Each

The Botanical Wonder CBD Topical Patch offers effective and 24 hours of sustained pain relief

Product Description

  • 50 mg of full-spectrum nano CBD particles.
  • Clear, discrete patch, not noticeable when wearing
  • Water-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • THC free
  • Incorporate medical grade adhesive 

How To Use CBD Patches?

Remember that patches are not meant to be applied to mucous membranes or broken skin. Please read the instructions thoroughly on the packaging before using it. But in general, here are a few tips.

For Adhesive Patches

Please remove it from the package and place it in the achy or sore area. The adhesive patch is best for soft tissue sites like the lower back rather than putting on an elbow where it can come out with movement. Wear it for the time the packaging suggests. You can reapply another if necessary.

For Non-Adhesive Patches

You can use it the same way you use a heating pad. Place it on the affected area. Remove after the recommended number of hours indicated on the package.


If you are new to CBD, take a low-dose patch. For many, 20 milligrams is a good starting dose. If you have chronic pain and the smaller amount is not working, increase your dosage slowly. More potent patches contain 100 mg or more of CBD content.

Talk with a doctor or CBD clinician before trying Botanical wonder CBD patches.

Do CBD Patches Get You High?

Not at all. CBD Topical Patches contain only a tiny amount of THC content, which is insufficient to make you feel high.

Bottom Line

CBD topical patches are a fantastic way to use CBD. They are practical, long-lasting with a prolonged effect, and extremely easy to use compared to some other products. CBD topical patches provide a standardized dose of CBD, so you know precisely how much CBD you are taking. Another benefit of using CBD topical patches is that you can instantly remove them if you feel any adverse effects.

Shea’s Healing Way strives to make health and healing accessible to ordinary people. It provides the safest, the best quality CBD topical patches derived from the finest CBD.

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