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CBD Topical Patch: Is It Effective For Pain & Where To Buy It?

One effective way to deal with pain and inflammation is using cannabidiol (CBD). You may have heard of a CBD topical patch that works directly on the specific area you are feeling pain in by transferring CBD through your vein. When you apply a CBD patch, your skin absorbs the CBD from the patch. 

Transdermal patches are convenient, but doubts about whether they are as effective as CBD gummies, oils, and lotions are common. Although topical patches are known for their pain-relieving abilities, your personal preference is what matters when picking the best way to take CBD. 

If you are interested in CBD patches, how they work, their effectiveness, how to use them, safety and side effects, etc., we request you to keep reading this blog.

What Is A CBD Topical Patch?



CBD patches are small patches that people use on their skin. You might find it quite similar to a nicotine patch. However, this patch comes with CBD and various ingredients that help deal with pain in a localized area. 

CBD patches are even called transdermal patches as they are absorbed via the skin and circulated inside the body using the bloodstream, making them really effective and efficient.

Are CBD Patches Really Effective?

The major question about using CBD patches is, are they really effective? As per the 2018 review of studies, CBD patches show the same effectiveness as CBD that is orally injected. However, a CBD topical patch can offer many benefits over oral CBD.  

The researchers explain that CBD that is taken orally has to go through your body’s metabolism system before it finally starts traveling in your bloodstream. In contrast, CBD taken through the skin doesn’t require going through this intermediate step, making patches a more efficient solution for blood circulation. So, if you have more CBD in your bloodstream, more CBD will travel to the site of the pain.

In addition to that, CBD patches are made to stay on the body for many days. You receive a steady and slow dose from these patches that target the exact area where the pain is. While using them, you also don’t have to worry about applying them each day, which is the case with other products like CBD oil and lotion. 

However, not every company stays true to its CBD products. Many companies use chemical carriers to aid CBD in penetrating the user’s skin and reaching their bloodstream. Some users can be allergic to such chemicals. Therefore, topical patches from a reputable company like Shea’s Healing Way are recommended.

The researchers of the same 2018 review note that the adhesive of the patches might cause skin irritation in some individuals. The chances of facing skin irritation increase in people with sensitive skin. 

In addition, a patch will be better for you when you want to treat a specific area of your body. For example, if you have lower back or shoulder pain, you must apply to the pain area to get maximum effectiveness of the CBD patch. It’s better since the patch will offer a steady supply of CBD to that particular area only, instead of the whole area in general.

Reports from the 2020 study suggest that CBD might be effective for blocking pain and inflammation in the recovery of back injury and may also help with nerve pain relief. Studies mention that topical CBD also helps relax muscles in individuals with pain related to teeth grinding.

All the studies on CBD patches are limited. So, these products might be expensive and show the same effectiveness as a CBD topical. Do enough research before you buy these patches.

Why Should You Use CBD Transdermal Patch For Pain?

Reasons to use CBD patches from other products can be many. Mainly, people prefer to use a CBD patch because they don’t have to go through the inhaling and ingesting process.

A patch might be a good option over lotions or creams if you want CBD for chronic pain and don’t want to repeat the reapplying process. A patch is also an easier and mess-free solution compared to other topical products. Simply stick it to your skin area and let it sit for a certain time limit without caring about it.

How Do Transdermal Patches Compare To Other CBD Products For Pain?

There isn’t enough study about CBD patches for pain. However, unlike capsules, gummies, and oils, patches pass CBD through the user’s skin trans dermally. So, CBD can easily bypass your digestive system, which greatly increases the product’s bioavailability. It means your body will be able to absorb CBD in a better amount compared to when using other products. 

Also, since the patch stays on your skin for a long time, you get a potential steady flow of CBD for pain relief as CBD enters your bloodstream for longer. The entire process can be slow, though. You surely get a better bioavailability with this product, but you will not instantly experience the pain-relieving effects of CBD when you use a patch. However, it is much faster compared to other topical products like gummies, oils, etc. 

Who Can Use A CBD Patch?

So, who should consider a CBD patch? A CBD topical patch is good for those:

  • A person who wants pain relief in a particular part of the body. 
  • People who don’t want to consume CBD directly through oral methods.
  • Individuals who are not a fan of CBD taste.

It is a completely hassle-free option compared to other CBD topicals such as balms and lotions. Furthermore, you don’t have to reapply patches for quite a long time. 

But CBD patches might not be the best solution if you are looking for full-body pain relief. These patches are created to deal with localized effects and may not be as effective for full-body pain.

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How To Use Transdermal Patches?

Never apply a topical patch to broken skin or mucous membranes. Ensure you read all the instructions mentioned on the product packaging before using it. However, if we talk in general, you can follow these steps. 

For adhesive patches, you have to place them on the skin area where you feel sore and ache by removing one patch from the CBD pack. Many usually ask about the best place to stick adhesive patches, and experts recommend using the patches on soft tissues, such as the lower back. 

Avoid using them close to joints like elbows, as the movements can cause them to wear off. Also, keep them on for the maximum time recommended on the packaging. Afterward, you can remove them and reapply if needed.

The Amount Of Dosage

First time using a CBD patch? Consider taking a patch with a low dose to let your body experience CBD in the right amount. You may increase the CBD doses once your body gets used to it. 

You can talk to a cannabis clinician or a doctor before taking CBD to be on the safe side. Experts can assist you in figuring out the correct dose, whether a CBD topical patch 50 mg will be better for you or some other. They might even suggest you some product recommendations.

Safety And Side Effects Of CBD Topical Patch

CBD doesn’t show any harmful effects on its users in most cases. However, some might face side effects like weight differences, fatigue, appetite changes, and diarrhea, as per the 2017 study.

CBD may show some reactions to your medications. If you take medicines for any disease, ensure to contact a healthcare expert before you consider taking CBD to stay safe. Avoid using CBD while breastfeeding or pregnant.  

In case there are any signs of skin irritation, stop using the CBD patches immediately. Remember never to use transdermal patches on broken skin.


CBD topical patch is a great way to fight off pain and inflammation in a specific part of the body. These patches’ effectiveness is real, and you can use them for all kinds of pain. Whether you are struggling to move your neck or can’t stand because of back pain, CBD patches can solve all your problems.

Keep the dosage low when using CBD patches for the first time. Also, you may experience skin irritation or other side effects like fatigue, diarrhea, etc., when you use CBD. Take your medic’s advice if you are on medications.

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Our patches are made of hemp plants with zero impurities and 100% effectiveness. You can ask for a refund if our patches don’t work for you. So, order our topical patches now! Make sure to check our CBD oils as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply a CBD patch on your upper arms, wrists, shoulder, back of your neck, and ankles. These are the ideal locations to use a CBD patch for maximum effectiveness.

Professionals suggest the right dosages of CBD can go a long way towards helping relieve anxious behaviors and OCD by restoring the balance of ECS inside your system.

Not every time, but CBD can cause side effects like fatigue, low appetite, dry mouth, diarrhea, and drowsiness. So, CBD patches may or may not make you sleepy and tired.

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