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Do CBD Patches Work For Back Pain? Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is known to carry a pain relief mechanism that helps deal with multiple pains in your body. CBD patches are a great way to deliver CBD in the bloodstream, and they can easily target the pain area in your body. Many individuals use these transdermal patches to get relief from neck, shoulder, chronic pains, etc. However, the question is, are CBD patches really effective in helping with back pain?

Well, if we go by studies, there are mixed results on whether CBD patches actually help with back pain. But how do these patches help your back pain, and how can you get the most out of them? Furthermore, do CBD patches for back pain carry side effects? Well, get all these answers from our experts at Shea’s Healing Way.


Do CBD Patches Work For Back Pain?

CBD patches for back pain are known to work in two ways to offer pain relief. Firstly, a transdermal CBD patch targets your endocannabinoid system by blocking the receptors for different pains. A CBD patch may even help with pain that is difficult to treat, like nerve pain responsible for back pain.

The other way CBD patches work for back pain is by reducing the inflammation in your body, as they carry anti-inflammatory effects. This reduced inflammation can help you get relief from back pain. So, this ultimate combination of pain-relieving effects and transdermal delivery somewhat makes CBD transdermal patches best for nerve, localized, and back pain.

Now in terms of medicinal studies, it has been stated that CBD, when taken orally for back pain, is often metabolized before it travels through the bloodstream. Meanwhile, when taken through the skin using transdermal patches, CBD is not broken down by metabolism like in oral procedures. And it offers a maximum amount of CBD to the bloodstream. This higher percentage of CBD in the bloodstream increases the possibility of your pain decreasing.

CBD patches are formulated to work for a complete 24 hours. It means it attaches to your body and stays active for the whole day. In addition, these pain-relieving patches offer a slow and steady release of CBD and target the specific area that is in pain. Another benefit of applying a CBD patch for back pain is that one has to apply it only once in the morning. In contrast, CBD cream and oil must be applied several times a day to achieve optimal benefit.

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Where To Apply CBD Patch?

If you are applying a CBD pain patch for the first time, it is important for you to know the right way or right place to apply it. You can simply apply a CBD pain patch inside the wrist or outside an upper Arm to enjoy its pain-relieving effects. However, note that you must apply a CBD patch to the largest area of skin that must be dry and clean. Some popular places to apply CBD patches include the wrist, upper chest, upper outer arm, lower abdomen, shoulder blade, hip joint, shoulder joint, and knee joint.

Avoid applying this transdermal patch to bruised or infected areas of the skin. Also, ensure not to apply any powder, lotion, cream, or makeup on the application area. Gently press down the CBD patch on the specific area with your fingers and confirm there are no folds and bumps.

Is A CBD Patch Better Than CBD Oil For Pain Relief?

You apply a CBD patch and leave it there for multiple days, and you’ll still get a steady and constant transmission of CBD to ease your back pain. In contrast, CBD oil has to travel through your body’s digestive system. Due to this, CBD oil is known to have a lower bioavailability than CBD patches.

Also, CBD patches, as mentioned, target localized inflammatory pain or nerve pain, like back pain. Furthermore, you don’t have to remember to take its doses which is the case in CBD oil, where you have to consume it in sessions to experience pain-relieving effects. So, overall, CBD patches are more consistent and offer better results compared to CBD oils.

Potential Side Effects Of CBD Patches

Although CBD is a natural composition, in some cases, individuals can experience some side effects after applying a CBD patch. These negative effects include diarrhea, oversleeping, fatigue, appetite changes, drowsiness, and weight changes. Also, if you are sensitive to CBD’s effects, avoid operating or driving machinery while using it.

People under medication should be cautious using a CBD patch as it might interact with their medicines, leading to adverse effects such as liver damage, contamination, and allergic reactions. Moreover, few people might get allergic to its chemicals and adhesives that can cause skin irritation. Thus, you must consult your doctor before using a CBD patch or any CBD-related product.  

Where Can I Buy CBD Patches Online?

CBD patches effectively ease different types of nerve pain, including back pain. This patch reduces the major causes of back pain, i.e., inflammation, and gives gradual and consistent results. Besides back pain, a CBD patch also works to ease chronic pains and provide muscle relaxation.

You can count on Shea’s Healing Way if you are considering buying CBD patches to ease back pain. Our CBD patches will give you fast results for your chronic back pain. Also, our high-quality collection of CBD patches helps you manage anxiety as well. Just apply it to a specific area and let it work to comfort you. So, visit our online store now to order the best CBD patches for back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to related research, the CBD patch may decrease back pain by:

  • Lowering inflammation
  • Tackling anxiety related to chronic or long-lasting back pain
  • Aid with sleep and improve overall well-being

Applying CBD patches in a body’s fatty area is not recommended. A CBD patch cannot effectively deliver CBD when placed on thick skin and fatty tissue.

Depending on their type, CBD patches are formulated to apply for a few hours and a few days. Thus, it’s vital to follow the instructions on its packaging first. And try not to leave the patch more than being instructed.


A few key factors to consider while selecting CBD patches include quality, safety, and brand transparency. Also, look up its label showing how much CBD it contains and the ingredients it poses to know if you are allergic to any.

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