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Does CBD Oil Help Sexually: Finding Out The Truth

You may have used CBD to help you get better sleep or deal with inflammation. However, do you know CBD is amazing for improving sex life too? Well, indeed, there are not many studies that explain CBD’s effectiveness for sex. But people who have tried this product have only positive things to say about it.

So, talking about the options we have for CBD, which include oils, beverages, tinctures, and topical creams. Other than that, CBD has made its place in many products that are specially made for enhancing sex lives. Some examples of them include massage lotions, edibles, personal lubricants, and oral sprays. 

Now, all this shows the potential of CBD for sex. However, in this particular post, we will talk about CBD oils and what effects they have on you and your partner’s libido. We will answer questions like how you can use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction, does CBD help with lasting longer in bed, CBD potential benefits and risks, and other sex-related questions which revolve around using CBD oil.

So, if you’re considering using Cannabidiol oil for sexual wellness and don’t know if you should, read this post to get all the answers.

Does CBD Have Any Effect On Your Libido?

We should stick with the basics of CBD if we want to understand its effect on libido. In order for that, we have to consider what the researchers’ thoughts on CBD are for your body. 

Starting with what the endocannabinoid system is. It is a whole system consisting of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are crucial for regulating various essential body functions, including inflammation, reproductive health, immunity, pain, and digestion. CBD oils work toward activating these receptors, resulting in potential wellness benefits.

Know that CBD doesn’t actually activate these receptors. Instead, CBD works by releasing reaction chains in a person’s body, which results in stimulating the endocannabinoid system. Your body may not react the same way as someone else’s body since CBD interaction is indirect.  

So, coming to the question, does CBD have any effect on your libido? Let’s see what research has to say.

The Research Regarding CBD’s Effect On Libido

According to a 2009 article published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, researchers have concluded that a person’s reproductive organs, like testicles, have ECS receptors in them. Furthermore, these receptors are also available in our brains.

Now, the research does show CBD indirectly helps with sex drive. However, tighten your seatbelts because what comes next after this will be surprising. Some research indicates that CBD and THC do help with boosting libido. Meanwhile, other research on it shows they instead lower the sex drive.

One published article mentioned that the use of chronic cannabis (marijuana) leads to decreased libido in males. Furthermore, it was seen that the sex drive decreased with more use of it. 

Few other research studies CBD’s effect on sex drive indirectly, i.e., it may help increase sex drive by decreasing user anxiety. It is seen that anxiety leads to lower sex drive because many become nervous about their sexual performance. CBD helps with relieving anxiety, which can lead to a better desire for sex.

Studies do mention that CBD might be great for reducing social anxiety disorder. But, because of the lack of human trials for this claim, researchers cannot be sure whether to use CBD or not. 

So, most studies out there that claim CBD help with better sex drives are mostly anecdotal. Many do say that CBD helped with improving their sex life on the internet. But on the other hand, we have other individuals who didn’t notice any significant difference in their sex drive. Therefore, we cannot be sure if CBD has some effect on libido.

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How To Use CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction?

Before we learn how to use CBD oil for ED (Erectile Dysfunction), it is essential you know what ED actually means. As per medical professionals, ED refers to the inability to maintain or achieve an erection in people with a penis for around 75% of the time. 

An individual can have ED for various reasons, including medication side effects, hormonal imbalance or changes, decreased blood flow, psychological concerns, or stress. Few people with specific health problems are more prone to develop ED, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alcoholism

Now you know what it is, let’s see how you can use CBD oil for ED. 

Cannabidiol products like CBD oil don’t need to be applied directly on the penis to help with low sex drives and ED. For individuals that are assigned male at birth (AMAB) can use CBD oil by placing it under the tongue. This is a more standard approach, but you don’t have to stick with it if you prefer the other way.

People also use CBD oil as a lubricant, which has shown some great results for people who suffer from dryness around their reproductive parts. It would be interesting to know that CBD benefits aren’t limited to people with penises only. Moreover, individuals with vaginas can experience great sex with their partners by using CBD oil.

CBD isn’t some magic that will help erect your penis on demand. It works toward dealing with problems that are preventing you from having good sex. So, CBD does help with Erectile Dysfunction, but not in the same way you may have thought. There isn’t any harm in using CBD oil, and you might even experience some wonders by using it with your partner.

Does CBD Make You Last Longer?      

You now know that CBD might help your ED. However, CBD oil use isn’t limited to that only. Furthermore, CBD oil can even help you last longer in bed. So, you may ask, how is that even possible? Well, the logic behind CBD helping with sex drive is quite simple.

CBD helps with promoting enhanced blood flow regardless of your gender. Now, when there is a better flow inside your body, your muscles will feel relaxed, leading to a better flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. So, relaxation leads to more focus, which will help you concentrate on your partner while you’re having sex.                                

So, the leading role of CBD oils here is to increase relaxation in you. As we already mentioned, there is a vast majority of CBD receptors inside your sexual organs as well as tissue. So, when you and your partner consume CBD, the blood toward the tissues increases, which leads to more sensitivity as well as natural lubricant production. 

A relaxed body has more chances of experiencing enjoyable sex. So, if you ask us, Does CBD Help You Last Longer In Bed? Our answer is yes, CBD oil does help you and your partner to experience longer sex with no complications whatsoever. The results may vary, but people who have used CBD oil for sex have mixed opinions, with most being on the neutral and positive sides.

Benefits And Effectiveness Of CBD Oil For Sexual Wellness

Sexual health has been a concern for many, and people often hesitate to discuss it with their partners. According to a 2018 study, around 68% of people reported that they experienced better sex after consuming CBD. CBD works toward your overall sexual wellness. It doesn’t give you a temporary solution for ED and a better sex drive. As it works toward lowering anxiety and increasing muscle relaxation, a person can experience greater and more consistent results by using CBD oil. 

So, all this explains the multiple benefits and effectiveness CBD oil has for people looking for better sex. Let’s see how CBD oil can help you and your partner in numerous ways.

1. Reduces Anxieties

We cannot ignore the anxiety factor if we’re talking about the effectiveness of CBD oil for sex. CBD helps with alleviating anxiety, and most studies claim that, even if the research is limited. Lower anxiety plays a significant role in enhancing sexual drive. 

If we talk about recent research, which was part of the Culture, Health, and Sexuality Journal, it was found that many participants had a great experience consuming CBD before sex. These participants claimed that they felt lower anxiety as well as shame. Furthermore, there was greater intimacy between them and their partners, which resulted in better sex drive. 

2. Greater Moods

It is a fact that when you have a greater mood, your chances of enjoying sex with your partner increase significantly. You can perform better during that time while also lasting for a longer time. 

Here, CBD reacts with the CBD receptors when you consume it before getting intimate. CBD interacts with these receptors indirectly, which results in a better mood. If you’re seeking that unique mood before sex, tying CBD oil can be a great start.

3. Enhances Sensations

CBD oil helps with opening blood vessels and enhancing blood flow. Because of that, it is even called a natural vasodilator. So as a result, people experience enhanced sensations and greater orgasms with increased blood flow. CBD oil reacts with the body’s receptors, leading to increased sensations inside and outside the body. 

Your partner will feel more pleasure because of the increase in sensitivity to the sensations.

4. Offers Comfort

When you’re in the mood, pain is the last thing you want to experience. Any discomfort during sex can hinder your enjoyment and feelings, and you will want to avoid it during that intimacy. Well, if you’re using CBD, you can avoid such a situation. 

CBD is most effective when it comes to dealing with pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. So, by consuming it, you can lower inflammation and pain, resulting in feeling more connected and comfortable with your partner.

5. Increases Libido

While we have already mentioned the CBD oil effects on people with penises, we haven’t touched the topic of CBD for sex deeply for people with vaginas. CBD helps with promoting the vasodilation process, in which the blood vessels stretch, allowing the entrance of more oxygen into tight muscles. 

People with vaginas can experience more heat inside their bodies and good tingling feelings, which makes sex more pleasurable for them. CBD oil supports this natural process, which can help in increasing libido in all genders.

6. Greater Lubrication

Most personal lubricants you will find on the market will not have CBD in their ingredients. There isn’t much research done on this CBD and lubrication topic. However, the present study has shown positive feedback on CBD helping with lowering pain and inflammation.

Suppose you’re someone who faces issues such as dryness in sexual parts and painful sex. In that case, CBD oil or CBD-infused lubricants may help you have better and painless sex. However, if you and your partner are using CBD lubricant for the first time, ensure to check if it is compatible with the condom you’re using.

7. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Ayurveda practitioners for a long time have prioritized the use of Cannabis sativa for enhancing sexual performance and ejaculatory function. This article was published in the BioMed Research International journal. And if you don’t know, Cannabis sativa is a plant from where you get CBD and marijuana.

Now, these studies haven’t shown exactly how CBD can help with ED. However, there are some theories that state that CBD can relax your blood vessels, which results in improved blood flow. Reports explain that good blood flow to your penis can help relieve ED and increase your sex drive.

Are There Any Potential Risks Of Using CBD Oil For Sex?

So, now you know how effective CBD for sex is. There are numerous potential benefits to it, and if you’re someone who is struggling to have good sex, you can consider trying CBD oil. But that was the good part about using CBD oil for sex.

Now, the question is, are there any side effects or risks of using CBD oil for erectile dysfunction and improving sex drive? Well, recent research shows that CBD oil has little to no side effects. You can take the words of the WHO (World Health Organization) for this.

As per the WHO, it is safe to use CBD. Furthermore, the side effects of CBD are only shown in people that are taking CBD with other medication, leading to the interaction between these two. 

So, if you’re taking CBD for sex, you might experience the following side effects on a temporary basis: 

  • Dry mouth
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Slower response time
  • Fatigue
  • Red eyes
  • Might experience high feeling
  • Diarrhea

As mentioned previously, CBD is known to interact with other medicines you are trying. Therefore, before you and your partner consider taking CBD for ED or sex, ensure to contact your healthcare provider. These professionals can help you verify if using CBD oil is safe for you and your partner.

Things To Know Before You Use CBD Oil For Better Sex

So, after reading all the studies on CBD oil for improving sex drive, its potential benefits, effectiveness, and potential risk, you might have come to a conclusion about whether to use CBD for sex or not. 

Well, if you and your partner have decided to use CBD, you both have made a great decision. As CBD oil has almost no side effects, you might experience some significant changes in your sex life. But before you enter your bedroom with CBD oil, here are a few things that you should know about it:

Always Go For A Quality Product

Never buy just any CBD product you see online that mentions it helps with ED or sex. There are hundreds of reviews you can find online about CBD oil or other CBD products that have shown effectiveness for increasing sex experience. You can read what people have to say about the particular CBD product you’re considering buying.

Also, make sure to verify whether a trusted lab has checked the product or not. Furthermore, some of these products will have a combination of both CBD and THC. And some experts believe that people get more benefits when CBD and THC are used together, popularly known as the “entourage effect.”

You also need to choose whether to use hemp or marijuana, which are both parts of the cannabis plants. While hemp has less than 0.3 percent of THC, marijuana comes with higher levels of THC. Therefore, consulting with your healthcare provider is of high importance when using CBD for sex.

Don’t Overdose On CBD, And Learn About Your Ideal Dose

The next thing you should know about using CBD oil is learning about your ideal dose for it. Now, there isn’t any conclusive report to which you can refer to understand your correct CBD doses. The dose amount can be a deciding factor in how much benefit you gain during sex after using it.

Hence, many healthcare providers recommend using CBD in low amounts when you’re starting. You can keep increasing the dose slowly, so your body adapts well to it. This may lead to you experiencing more benefits as time progresses. Don’t hesitate to switch back to the previous dose if you feel uncomfortable or don’t experience any changes for the better.

Take CBD Before Entering The Bedroom

For someone using CBD for sex for the first time, there isn’t a high chance that they will know how long CBD takes to work. Understand that CBD doesn’t show results the moment you consume or apply it. And whether you’re using it as a lubricant or consuming it orally, both actions take the same time to work.

So, before you enter with your partner in the bedroom, make sure to apply it or consume it at least 30 to 60 minutes before. This way, CBD oil will have sufficient time to kick in, helping you with enhancing your sex life. 

Some Effective Ways To Reduce Sexual Anxiety, So CBD Do Wonders For You

Although CBD does help with lowering sexual anxiety, there are a few other working ways that can be effective for enhancing your sex drive. If you now know how to use CBD oil correctly for sex, you should still consider some natural techniques that may even improve the CBD working for you and your partner. 

So, in what ways can you get a relaxed feeling and enjoy your sex time more? Here are some steps to follow:

Step 1: Make Sure To Do Some Breathing Exercises

Whether it is to help with sexual anxiety or regular relaxation, breathing exercises have always been proven effective. Try breathing deeply every day for five to ten minutes, and you can perform it before entering your bedroom. It will help your sexual anxiety by making your heart rate stable and giving you relaxation.

Step 2: Take The Help Of Your Imagination And Dive Into A Calm Environment

Sometimes our imagination helps us greatly when we are facing anxiety and stress. Think of your favorite place, whether it is a forest, mountains, or beach, in your mind. You can look for an empty room or place around your house where you can sit without facing any distractions.

Concentrate on things that make you feel good. Such a technique isn’t limited to a temporary solution to your sexual anxiety. You should adopt it in your daily life so as to gain results that stay with you permanently. 

Step 3: Time To Get Your CBD Oil Dose

So, you have performed the breathing and imagination exercises. By doing them regularly, you may have experienced some significant changes inside your body. Taking CBD now will be the perfect time for you. As we have discussed earlier, CBD oil can help you focus as well as relax. And now, CBD will show even greater effects when your body is more stable with all those exercises.

CBD will not only help your sexual anxiety but will even enhance your overall mood. And some studies even suggest that CBD can help with balancing serotonin and dopamine levels.

However, in all this, don’t forget to take a few drops of that CBD oil before heading to your bedroom. As already mentioned, taking it 30 to 60 minutes before will be enough time to let CBD kick in.


So, does CBD oil help sexually? It certainly does, but the result can vary from person to person. Starting with the 30 mg CBD oil dose will be great for you as well as your partner. For people with a penis, you can either consume the CBD oil drops orally or apply them directly to your penis. And, for people with vaginas, it would be better to apply it instead of consuming it, especially if you face dryness in your reproductive parts.

We hope you got all your answers regarding CBD oil and its effectiveness for ED, sex drive, or libido, and also how to use it for all genders. 

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Note: This CBD product is meant to be consumed orally only. Not for applying purposes.

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