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How Does A CBD Patch Make You Feel? Does It Work?

CBD derivatives are becoming very popular and have proven effective wellness products. Thus, if you visit any medical store, you will definitely find a variety of products with a label of “CBD” on them. CBD products are available in various forms, including oils, vapes, juices, candies, and patches. Adhesive CBD patches are among the most effective treatment methods for long-term muscle pain and inflammation as they quickly deliver CBD into the bloodstream.

We know that a single patch of CBD brings a ton of health benefits for an individual, but it also pops the question in one’s mind. How does a CBD patch make you feel? Keep reading to get the answer and to learn about how CBD patches work and their efficiency.CBD patch

What Are CBD Patches, And How Does It Work?

CBD patches are transdermic patches applied on the human skin that quickly deliver CBD into the bloodstream bypassing the complete digestive system. CBD patches are a kind of plaster that you apply to a specific area of your skin, especially your upper arm. From here, the properties of CBD patches immerse into that area and then spread to the bloodstream. 

The CBD patch gives the skin a constant and sufficient supply of CBD to relax systems. The CBD patch differs from applying some balm or cream that only provides CBD to a particular area. 

What’s The Right Way To Use A CBD Patch?

A CBD patch is a tiny but effective patch that comes in contact with a wide part of the skin to transmit CBD to the bloodstream. Thus, it should be applied to a smooth and large skin area. Because if you will apply a CBD patch to a bony area, there is a chance the patch won’t cover a big skin area. Also, the CBD patch should be applied to the painful area of the body for a speedy recovery.

 How Does A CBD Patch Make You Feel?

CBD patch is primarily effective in lowering chronic pain and anxiety. No THC is present in a CBD patch, so it won’t make you feel high or drowsy. In addition, the patch slowly transmits the CBD into your bloodstream through quick absorption. Also, its effects last for an extended time.

Basically, if you are feeling chronic pain and anxiety, the application of CBD Patches can help you relieve it through the transmission of CBD around your bloodstream. You will not feel any instant changes in your body after its application, but a gradual reduction in anxiety and pain will occur. Also, some users of CBD have reported improvement in overall well-being.

Side Effects And Caution Of CBD Patches

The CBD Patches are safe, tolerable, and non-addictive compounds, but sometimes the reaction to CBD is possible. There are rare but reported side effects from CBD, including Fatigue, Drowsiness, Diarrhoea, and Weight and Appetite changes. If you feel these side effects after using CBD, just avoid driving or operating machinery. Also, some individuals can be allergic to CBD’s herbal properties, so keep an eye on that. 

Other than this, if you are taking certain medications or prescriptive pills, consult or discuss the product with your doctor before its use. 

How To Use Sheas Topical CBD Patches?

The CBD Patch can be applied following a few simple steps. Just follow our guide and do it accordingly while using CBD patches.

  • Start with washing and drying the area of skin you have chosen to apply the CBD patch at. The upper arm or hip is suggested for the application.
  •  Peel a fabric patch off, apply it on clean skin, and keep the rest in a resealable bag. Don’t apply the patch on a damaged skin area.
  • Keep CBD Patch applied for about 8 hours for consistent ease. Avoid bathing or any water contact with the CBD patch as it sticks to the body and becomes difficult to remove.  
  • Gently peel off the CBD patch from one edge after leaving it for 8 hours. It would feel exactly like ripping off a band-aid. Use Exfoliant or Baby oil to remove it gently.

CBD Is Not A Magic To Cure Anything

We need to make clear and address the misbelief that CBD products, including patches, gummies, oils, and tinctures, are not magical to cure anything. It means that scientific study supports CBD’s use and effects in managing specific health states, but it is not proven effective in dealing with every health condition. 

CBD is more like a symptom-managing tool that promotes overall health, including homeostasis, anxiety management, pain management, and even a post-workout schedule, but it’s not a complete cure.


CBD patches can be an excellent choice if you seek a relief product for pain and inflammation. These relief patches come in different concentrations and offer quick absorption into the blood canal and steady CBD diffusion for a few days. Also, it’s important to consult with the doctor first if you are also dealing with other medications. 

You can visit Shea’s Apothecary if you are browsing for CBD Patches to tackle your long-term pain and anxiety. We are one of the most legitimate online stores offering qualitative and effective CBD patches for your comfort. Contact us at 916 208-9096 or at for related queries and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone willing to try CBD can use it because of its numerous benefits. Those who have tried CBD in the past and are aware of its benefits should continue to use it to support a runnel of the substance. And those who haven’t tried CBD yet miss out on all the health benefits they can get from its use. Using CBD patches shows sustained and longer effects on your pain and anxiety.

The best areas for applying CBD patches include:

  • Inner wrists
  • Back neck
  • Portion Of Back
  • The shoulder
  • The arm’s inside
  • The inner ankle

As CBD patches are formulated to be worn for longer periods of time, it is generally safe to use while sleeping. But it is always good to read the guidelines in the package first to ensure effective use.

It takes around 60 minutes for CBD to enter your bloodstream. And it takes a few hours or a day to start working and reducing a person’s pain and anxiety.

Do CBD patches effective for back pain?

The Transdermal CBD patches offer a natural and appropriate way of transporting CBD to a confined body area like the back to relieve pain. Many people reported CBD patches as a fast and effective way to deal with chronic back pain.

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