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How-Effective-Are-Topical CBD Patches,-And-How-Can-Yo-Use-Them

How Effective Are Topical CBD Patches, And How Can You Use Them?

CBD has been known to show wonder when it comes to body pain and inflammation. Compared to other CBD products, CBD patches are still quite new. You may wonder whether the patches can show the same effectiveness as the other products of CBD.   

CBD oils, lotions, and gummies are some famous CBD products that help with inflammation or pain in a particular area of our body. But instead of these, you can use CBD patches for the same. It is more effective than other CBD products because it is distinct and convenient, and you might find better results after using this. Just apply the CNBD patches to the specific area where it gets absorbed by your body and will give you quick relief from long-term pain. 

When people consume CBD orally through gummy or oil, it must pass through the digestive system first. Then the body consumes it, breaks it down, or easily eliminates it as a waste. And in this process, the CBD taken orally might be lost in the digestive system, which is why applying this patch is much more effective than other CBD products.

To know more about CBD patches, let’s dig deep and find out How effective topical CBD patches are and how you can use them?

What Are CBD Patches?

A CBD patch is a tiny patch that sticks to our skin. It is the same as a nicotine patch, but it carries CBD and some other ingredients to help relieve localized pain. This transdermal way of transportation means CBD is absorbed by the skin and straight into the bloodstream, making it more efficient.

CBD patches are more effective and offer several benefits than orally taken CBD. Orally taken, CBD is first metabolized by the human body before circulation in the bloodstream. The CBD patches don’t have to pass the intermediary step; much of it gets transported in your blood. More CBD in your blood vessels means more CBD that can get to the place of your pain. Some CBD patches are formulated in a way that they can remain in your body for several days.

Moreover, a patch can be more effective if you apply it on a specific area, such as the shoulder or bottom back, instead of suffering diffuse or general pains and aches throughout your body.

How To Use CBD Patches?

It would be good if you kept in mind that patches are not meant to apply to broken skin or mucous membranes. Also, carefully read the instructions mentioned on the packing before applying. 

If the patch is sticky, remove it from the pack and put it on the sore or achy area. Sticky patches are perfectly used on smooth tissue sites, such as the bottom back, instead of the joint such as the elbow, where it can come off. Wear as long as mentioned in the packaging and then remove it. Also, you can reapply it if needed.

If the patch is non-sticky, use it like a heating pad. Apply it on the affected area and rest while it shows its magic. Drop after the suggested number of hours mentioned on the package.

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It is great to consult with a cannabis or doctor clinician before applying a CBD patch. They can suggest the amount of CBD doses you should take, and they might be able to give you more product suggestions.

If you are new to CBD patches, pick a low-dose patch for starting and then build from there to see how your body responds to that. Starting from 20 milligrams of CBD doses is good for many people. If you are undergoing chronic pain and a smaller dose of CBD is not working for you, slowly increase your dose. More powerful patches carry 100 mg or even more of CBD.

How Long Do CBD Patches Take To Kick In?

It takes about one hour for CBD to start entering the bloodstream after applying the patch. Suppose your body has minimum cannabinoids, or it is lacking somehow. In that case, you might feel the changes more quickly. And suppose you are taking other prescribed medications, too. In that case, it is possible that you might notice the changes a bit longer. These drugs are usually very powerful and are shoving and pushing your body in its direction regardless of how your body wants to be. 

It is when CBD products are much more tender as they ask the body to meet its balance, which is not easy, especially when so many powerful drugs are creating physiological disorders in your body. Also, the other lifestyle aspects are essential too. Suppose you don’t eat a nutritious diet or have a stationary lifestyle indicating you don’t follow any physical routine (yoga, exercise, and jogging). In that case, not a single element of this planet can help you overcome the distress that has affected you.

There is no such magic tablet that will give you good health. Getting good health is dependent on the choices you make. And surely, CBD is a great way to revitalize healthy choices because it is a healthy thing to take.

Benefits Of CBD Patches

Suppose you are an old user of CBD. In that case, there are high chances you will most likely experience the same benefits as you may experience with other CBD products. However, CBD patches have some additional benefits and fast working speed that you will not find in other CBD products.      

Some major benefits of applying CBD patches rather than other delivery methods are: 

More Effective Than Other Delivery Methods

CBD patches are a useful delivery method that carries several benefits over other delivery methods (including CBD capsules, CBD oils, and CBD vapes). The oral method of taking CBD is usually more popular than others, especially for first-time users. Still, very few of them know about the shortage of bioavailability regarding these methods. Our stomach, liver, and lungs help break cannabinoids and separate them from the human body as waste products. 

CBD patches transport CBD slowly or steadily over a period of 24 hours, easing a consistent dose that is considered much more effective than a CBD capsule. People taking high doses of OTC or prescribed medicines for a very long time might no longer feel the effect in their bodies. It is because the high concentration of different medications effectually changes the blood chemistry and physiology of the body and slows the breakdown of CBD from the patches to the body. 

Researchers analyzed that CBD delivered in many ways reaches our bloodstream. The orally delivered CBD is not as functional as transdermal patches, as only a tiny part of it is delivered orally to meet the bloodstream after passing through the digestive system.

These CBD patches can quickly start delivering more CBD than many expect. Users can usually feel its effects within 30 minutes or even more quickly. It all depends on the content of CBD; if the body has lower CBD, the user will feel the effects more quickly. 

No Need To Take CBD Every Few Hours

One of the major benefits of choosing CBD patches over substitute delivery methods is that they ensure the release of CBD slowly into your bloodstream. A single CBD patch can provide a consistently balanced CBD dose over a period of a 24-hour and free you from applying CBD oil and taking a CBD capsule every few hours. It is very hard to remember taking a capsule or applying sublingual tinctures in busy and chaotic lives. Hence, applying CBD patches is simpler every morning without worrying for the rest of the day.

CBD Patches For Pain And Inflammation

CBD is a popular pain reliever that has eminent anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities are the reasons that make CBD patches an ideal way of treating inflammation and pain related to some conditions like epidermolysis bullosa, arthritis, edema, dermatitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases, etc. 

Discreet Delivery Method

CBD patches are a distinct delivery method because many people desire to keep their CBD consumption far from the public eye due to misconceptions and misplaced stigma related to its use. 

Even now, many people don’t know much about the relatedness and differences between CBD and THC, usually misattributing the stigma which comes with cannabis. Some still think CBD patches get you high, which is inaccurate. Educating the public about CBD’sCBD’s related benefits and risks is quite a task for the whole CBD industry.

Best CBD Patch To Try

Since CBD has such a high demand, you find many providers of it online. However, not every provider will give you the CBD patch you are looking for. Therefore, you should know about the best CBD patch that can relieve pain. 

Here is the best CBD patch you can try to reduce your long-term pain and proper relief.

Botanical Wonder CBD Topical Patch (30 Patches) 50 mg each


The CBD topical patches are very effective patches that consist of 50mg of 100% pure CBD and offer long-term pain relief. It consists of tiny particles of CBD (cannabidiol) that easily pierce the skin. After being absorbed, it reaches the bloodstream and reduces the effects of medications bypassing the liver. These CBD patches are tested by a laboratory and are THC free, so they will not give you the feeling of getting stoned or high. Apply it gently as a band-aid! The features of this patch are:

  • Clear, distinct patch, not visible while wearing
  • Waterproof
  • Latex-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • THC free
  • Absorb medical-grade adhesive 
Size of Patch 1.25 inches square with rounded corners
Package30 patches two sheets (15 patches per sheet)
Shelf lifeThree years

Safety And Side Effects Of CBD Patches

CBD is usually considered safe, but some people might experience side effects, such as diarrhea, fatigue, weight changes, and appetite changes. CBD can meet with the medications you are taking. So it is important to consult a healthcare expert before applying CBD patches to ensure it’s safe for you. Avoid using CBD in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Don’tDon’t apply adhesive patches on fractured skin. Also, if using it is developing irritation, just stop using them.


From the above information, we know now how effective topical CBD patches are and how we can use them. CBD patches are a substitute for supplying CBD to the body, giving quicker and long-term pain relief. It can majorly help localized pain like pain in the bottom back or knee area. Before applying CBD patches, you should consult with the doctor first if you are suffering from chronic pain.

Sheas Healing provides the most affordable and accessible CBD to control your pain and gives you symptom relief. We provide the standard, highly effective, and safest CBD products from the best CBD isolates. To buy CBD products and for related queries, reach us at 916 208-9096, or you can mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD Patches are better than oil in cases of chronic pain. They are the better option when treating a specific body area, like the shoulder or calf. However, it can irritate people with sensitive skin or people who are allergic to chemicals in patches and adhesives.

It is possible if you take full and broad-spectrum CBD products that hold a trace quantity of THC; it may show on a drug test. If you are confused and worried, go for CBD-excluded products and check if COA verifies that the patch is THC-free.

It all depends on the patch. They are made in such a way that you can use them anywhere from some hours to a few days, so ensure to check the instructions first written on the packaging. And don’t leave the CBD patch for much longer than mentioned in the instructions.

It all depends on the type of patch. Patches with a lengthy application phase are usually waterproof and sweatproof but are not applicable at all times. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions to properly wear CBD patches.

Yes, you can shower with CBD patches, but you have to take care of a specific area where CBD is so that it won’t come off while bathing. Also, be gentle while using the soap and scrub over the patch. Moreover, don’t apply any kind of moisturizer or barrier cream in the area where you are wearing the CBD patch. 

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