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how effective is topical CBD patches

How Effective is Topical CBD Patches For Pain? (Do They Work)

Do you know what CBD patches are? They are like nicotine patches, small adhesive patches that stick to the skin. But it contains CBD and many other substances that help provide relief from pain. These are very effective, like CBD, taken orally, but the benefits are higher than oral CBD. Also, they perform the transdermal way of delivery, which means they provide the property to absorb the CBD in the skin and move it directly into your bloodstream. They are a suitable option for controlling pain. Here you will know how effective are topical CBD patches

How Does A CBD Patch Work?

According to the researchers, oral CBD is first metabolized by your body and then starts to circulate in the bloodstream. But CBD in patches does not have to go through any intermediate step and circulates directly in your blood. As an outcome, they deliver quick relief from pain. 

The best part about CBD patches is they can stay on your body for many days. The products like CBD oil have to reapply each day. Also, patches allow you to apply them to the exact area where you are experiencing the pain. 

How Are CBD-Infused Patches Made?

You can find many types of CBD patches on the market, and they differ in how they are manufactured. Currently, you find two types of patches infused with CBD such as reservoir patches and matrix patches. These patches also vary because of their effectiveness, in which one is more effective than the other. 

Matrix patches consist of five different types of layers: peel-off layer, adhesive layer, matrix layer, and protective backing layer. An adhesive layer of the patch holds its matrix layer that sticks to the skin. It later allows CBD molecules to pass from the patch to the skin’s capillaries. After that, it moves into your bloodstream. 

Reservoir CBD patches are different from matrix patches. They also have different layers, such as peel-off, adhesive, and protective backing. But the difference lies in the porous release membrane of the CBD reservoir. These membranes can be fine-tuned to manage the rate of CBD delivery.  

Why And Where To Use CBD Patches?

CBD topical patch is an excellent way to relieve pain where a person does not have to ingest or inhale the CBD. Also, patches are considered better than other CBD products like cream, lotion, etc., as you do not have to reapply them so often and are entirely mess-free. You can stick them on your skin and allow them to stay for a long time. 

Patches work better when applied to the soft skin with the largest contact area. It also increases the effectiveness of the patch and helps relieve the pain. The doctor advises avoiding irregular skin or bony areas in order to apply CBD-infused patches. It must be in the exact area where you feel the pain. Some common suggested areas on the body to stick CBD patches are- the back side of the neck, lower back, shoulder, inside biceps, inside wrists, inside ankle, and lower thighs. 

What Is The Finest Way To Use CBD Patches?

The one major thing you must remember is that you must not apply patches to broken skin or mucous membranes. You must ensure to read the complete instructions before using CBD patches. If you have adhesive patches, you must take them out of the package and place them on the achy area. 

You must use adhesive patches on the soft tissues of the skin to make them work the best. When you apply them in a bony area like the elbow, they come off quickly with movement. You can wear the CBD patches for a maximum time and then reapply the other one if necessary.  

If you do not have adhesive patches, you must use them like a heating pad. You must place them where you feel pain and relax to make them work. Keep them applied to the affected area for a suggested number of hours, then discard them. You can find the recommended time on the package of CBD patches. 

If you are using CBD patches for the first time, start with the low-dose patches. After that, you can use high-dose patches as your body responds. 20 mg patches are usually considered a good dose for beginners. But, if you have chronic pain, a low-dose patch may not work, and you may require to increase the dose. 100 mg are referred to as potent patches to control pain because they contain more CBD. It is always suggested to discuss with your doctor before trying any CBD product. 

Do CBD Patches Really Work For Pain?

Many people have a question in mind about whether these patches work to control pain or not. Many studies and findings suggest that CBD is effective in relieving pain, including the pain of multiple sclerosis and arthritis. CBD works for pain in two ways- first, they perform on the endocannabinoid system of the body. It blocks the receptors or the cells for various pain that are hard to treat, like nerve pain. 

In a second way, they act as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce pain. These effects and the transdermal delivery system make the patches the best for controlling inflammation, localized pain, and nerve pain. CBD patches may also help control chronic pain. 

Some studies show that some people use opioids to reduce pain in which 94% of the participants have improved the quality of their life while using CBD products. But, more than half of the people reduced or stopped the usage of opioids after eight weeks. Many studies talk about the effectiveness of CBD. It also reduces the risk of pain that other pain management techniques pose.

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Where Can You Find The Best CBD Patches?

If you are suffering from chronic pain and want to use CBD patches, the first and most vital thing you must do is take a doctor’s advice. It would be best to ask for the correct patch dose that you can use. If a doctor advises you to use an amount of up to 50 mg, you can buy the best CBD patches from Shea’s Healing Way. 

Our Botanical Wonder CBD topical patches are effective in controlling pain. The nano-particles of CBD quickly enter the skin and reach the bloodstream. These patches successfully manage the pain and bypass the liver. They do not provide any harm to the organs of the body.  

These discrete patches are very transparent that go unnoticeable when you wear them. They are water-resistant, latex-free, THC free, and hypoallergenic. It contains 100% pure CBD and is successfully tested in the laboratory. Our patches are the perfect buy if you want quick pain relief. 


In this blog, you have learned all about CBD patches. You have also seen how effective are topical CBD patches. They are an easy and effective way for pain relief. These are different from CBD oils and lotions that do not require reapplying. Unlike oral CBD, it directly goes into your bloodstream and provides quick relief from pain. 

Patches are recommended for those who do not want to consume oral CBD. If you are looking for genuine CBD patches, buy them from Shea’s Healing Way. We have the best-quality CBD-infused patches at an affordable price. Our patches are lab tested by a third party and are safe to use.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A CBD patch is helpful in reducing the pain of various conditions. But it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant. It also helps lower anxiety symptoms in people with acute pain.

CBD patches usually do not have any major side effects. But, it involves minor effects, such as dry mouth, reduced appetite, fatigue, drowsiness, and diarrhea. So, it is advisable to take the doctor’s advice and use the right amount of dose patches.

Yes, CBD-infused patches help lower the symptoms of anxiety when the right amount of dose is taken. A wrong dose may lead to many side effects like sleep, appetite, mood swing, etc.

Yes, CBD patches tend to relieve pain caused by arthritis. It temporarily reduces the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. These are also helpful in controlling many other types of pain.

Both CBD oil and patches work great to relieve pain. But the patches are more effective than oil. Also, patches are a mess-free option, unlike oils.

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