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How Much Time Do CBD Patches Take To Work And Show Effect?

CBD has taken the world by storm. Well, not the herb is new, nor were we unknown of its benefits. However, the infusion of the herb in various products has made its use easier and its benefits more accessible to the world. A CBD patch is one such invention that gives you all the good benefits of the herb without consuming it.

It is a small patch used to treat localized pain. You must apply it to the area where you are experiencing pain. The skin absorbs its properties, directly transferring it to the bloodstream. Hemp extracts are a standard part of CBD patches and nicotine or blood pressure medications. They are generally designed to deliver active medicines.

CBD patches are percutaneous patches that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) in them. After being attached to your skin, they release cannabidiol into the bloodstream through the skin pores. It has shown wonders in instances when it comes to body pain. 

CBD or cannabidiol is part of a compound group generally known to interact with the human body. CBD patches are considered exceptional for curing muscle or skin pain. These patches typically come into effect under 40–60 minutes after application. 

What Are CBD Patches?

A CBD patch is a subsidiary of the many types of cannabis products. They are precisely similar to nicotine patches; only hemp extracts come into play to relieve pain. CBD patches are more effective compared to oral CBD products. The CBD patches get transported into your bloodstream without any intermediary step. Some CBD patches can even stay effective in your body for several days.

A CBD patch is more effective because you can directly apply it to a specific area.

CBD patches deliver relief for a longer period than creams and oils. Once the body absorbs the lotion or oil, the effect tampers off, forcing people to use them multiple times a day. However, not all CBD can pass through the skin, as transdermal delivery is relatively slow. 

How Long Does CBD Take To Kick In Your Body?

So, coming to the main topic of how much time CBD takes to come into effect. Well, it depends from person to person, considering the number of cannabinoids in your body. If your body has a considerably low amount of cannabinoids, you will experience the effects more quickly. 

CBD products are gentle and do not cause physiological changes in your body. Generally, CBD takes about an hour to enter your bloodstream and give results. If you take other medicines, it will take a little longer to experience the effects. 

Other lifestyle aspects also play an active role in the process. Suppose you are not eating proper nutritious food and have a non-stationary lifestyle, don’t follow a physical routine. In that case, no medication can help you overcome the distress. 

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How And Where To Apply A CBD Patch?

CBD has a very effective transdermal delivery system and gives the best results when in contact with a large area of skin. You should carefully read the instructions on the packaging before using CBD patches. It is essential to know that you must not apply a CBD patch to broken skin and mucous membranes. 

Here are some simple steps to apply a CBD patch:

Firstly, clean off the area with water and swipe it up gently where you are applying the cannabinoid patch.

Then, pull out one patch from the package without touching the inner side of the patch.

Next, place it on your body area and apply gentle pressure through your fingers to set it up correctly.

Note: Consult your doctor about using CBD patches if you are already on some medication.    

So, you need to peel off the outside protective layer of the patch, apply it on your skin and wear it for a timeframe mentioned on the package.

Where To Apply CBD Patches?

Knowing how to apply CBD patches, the next thing to know is the best place to use a CBD patch. Usually, it is best to apply a CBD patch on soft areas of the skin where it gets a larger skin contact area rather than irregular or near bony surfaces. 

Most patches give the best results when applied on venous parts of the body. Thin layers of your skin where the patch can easily access your blood vessels and capillaries are usually the way. Also, your skin should be dry and free of hair if you want the best results. Some of the ideal locations to apply the patches are:

  • Inside the wrists
  • Ankles
  • Lower back
  • Back of your neck
  • Shoulders
  • Lower thighs

What Are The Potential Benefits Of CBD Patches?

CBD patches benefit you by being the most efficient cannabinoid delivery method; once applied to the skin, around 50% gets into the bloodstream directly. 

An average healthy person’s lungs can absorb a good amount of what you inhale, but this can vary in different persons. When undigested, a large quantity of CBD passes through the body without being absorbed, and the liver breaks it down. 

CBD patches dodge those limitations, allowing cannabinoids to deliver into your bloodstream. Also, CBD is a blessing for people with skin disorders as it directly activates the skin cells, avoiding discomfort.

Beyond efficiency, CBD patches provide one of the most discreet delivery options. There is no waste or spillage as the CBD is delivered directly through the skin. You do not have to carry a bag or bottle of capsules, finding time to use them throughout the day. You can simply wear it under clothes or wherever comfortably.

Conclusively, CBD patches are more effective than other delivery methods, efficient, and an attractive alternative for oils and edibles. CBD patches also benefit you for a more extensive duration of time than oils, which need to be applied continuously once the effect wears off.

How Often Should You Change Your CBD Patch? 

CBD patches release cannabinoids for 24 hours, so we advise you to change your patch daily. Cannabidiol has a commutative property that takes time to spread in your body. You need to use CBD patches for an extended period, although numerous people find relief within days. 

Also, it would help if you took care that you are not wearing the patch in the same place on your body. This is because the skin cannot breathe properly and will start to react. The time frame indicates how long the patch is actively releasing CBD, which ranges from 12 up to 48 hours.

Can You Shower With A CBD Patch? 

This generally depends on the patch. Those meant for more extended application are often waterproof and sweatproof but may vary in some cases. A CBD patch is usually waterproof and should not come out during a shower. It would be best if you took care with applying soap over the patch and not being too aggressive. 

Risk And Side Effects

CBD is usually considered safe, but just like other cannabinoid products, they have a few side effects. CBD may mix with the other medication you are using, causing risk or side effects. So, consult a doctor before applying CBD patches.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid using CBD. You can also get skin infections due to sweat trapped underneath the patch. Some people may suffer from a mild headache, indicating that they take CBD too frequently and need to lower their dose. You can also feel tired because you have taken too much CBD too soon. 

Some of the common side effects include:

  • Sleepiness or fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Contamination
  • Reactions
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • Choosing The Best CBD Patches

As you have seen above, CBD patches are one of the products of CBD. It is an effective and mess-free alternative to using CBD to lower body pain. These patches also help lower inflammation and reduce anxiety. 

Anyone with pain-related issues can use these CBD patches after taking a proper suggestion from a doctor. But where can you find the best CBD patch? When you consult your doctor, they may suggest some of the best CBD patches for your problem. 

You can even look for Shea’s Healing Way. A well-known company to provide the best quality CBD patches. The best part of this product is that it is made with 100% pure CBD and is THC-free. Also, it is latex-free, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic with medical-grade adhesive. 

Our CBD patches are perfect for getting relief from localized pain. Also, it is suitable for lowering anxiety and reducing arthritis pain, back pain, nerve pain, etc.


A CBD patch is a good option if you find a cure for a targeted pain in a specific area of your body. You get fast absorption using a CBD patch, generally localized for knee or lower back pain. CBD products can help you reduce chronic pain overnight by simply applying them to the skin. 

CBD patches contain zero to negligible THC, a chemical that is responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects and won’t get you high. Athletes are advised to abstain from using CBD patches before taking a drug test for marijuana, as it may alter the results.

So, are you ready to use a CBD patch? Visit Shea’s Healing Way now!

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