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How To Use CBD Patches And How Long Do They Last?

As modern medicine advances with technology, the ideologies people once considered bad have also started to change. It has been the case with CBD patches as well. CBD patches have appeared as a replacement for old pain-relieving drugs. But, a lack of awareness among people about CBD usually leads to inefficient consumption of its products, and CBD Patches are no exception. 

If you are someone facing the dilemma of whether or not to use CBD patches and how to use them if yes, then we are here to guide you. Find everything you should know about CBD patches and their consumption here. 

What Is A CBD Patch? How Is It Different From CBD Oil Or Gummy?

A CBD patch is not much different from other patches except that this patch contains Cannabidiol, a major component in cannabis only after THC. The CBD patch is transdermal, which means that you have to apply it directly on the skin. Furthermore, the CBD in these patches usually takes an hour to reach the bloodstream. Thus, they are totally different from edibles containing CBD, such as Oils or gummies. 

The process of oral intake is different from the patch as in the case of Oils or Gummies, the body may or may not receive the CBD ultimately. CBD patches are generally better than their edible versions, as they make the CBD particles reach the bloodstream more efficiently. 

However, the downside is that they usually take longer to do so, but this can also be good as it gives the body time to adjust to the ingestion. Furthermore, you can improve the efficiency of the CBD patch by using it properly. We will be guiding you with this in the next section of the blog.  

Effective Use Of CBD Patches

Some general guidelines should be followed while applying CBD patches to get the optimal experience. The need for these instructions is that CBD patches take longer than edibles, as they are used on the surface of our skin. So, even if they provide better results, we should keep these things in mind to get the results faster. 

The part of the skin where the patch is to be placed should be clean. You can use a wet towel to clean the skin to be safe. You should be avoiding places that have excess fat or hair as they can slow down the transmission to the bloodline and can possibly reduce its effects as well.

Best Places To Apply The CBD Patch

Many options are available to us that follow the general instructions for applying CBD patches. Here’s a list of places to apply the patch to receive the best results. You can also look at the instructions provided on the packet of the product you are using to get an idea. 


The inner part of our wrists is an excellent area to apply the patch. The reason for it is that access to the veins is much easier from here. 


The upper part of our chest is also an area that fulfills the criteria for the proper application of CBD patches. Being closer to the heart lets the CBD patch take effect and enter the bloodstream much quicker. 


The outer part of our arms, a little below the shoulders, which is also a common place for injections, is an available option. 


The lower part of the abdomen is also a good place to apply the patch. However, it is not advisable for people with fatty skin as it can lower the transmission rate.


Joints, usually Knee and Hip joints, are also considered to be an optimal stop to place and apply the patch. The reason is the minimum or low amount of fat and the close distance with the bloodline, which improves transmission. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying CBD Patches

While CBD patches are safe to use, there are certain things that everyone who plans on using these patches should take note of.

  • Part of the skin where the patch has to be applied should be clean. You can clean it to get rid of dirt or any unnecessary elements that can hinder the transmission into the bloodline.
  • The CBD patch you use should be of high quality. To discern the quality, you can read reviews of the product to have a better idea of the effects that it causes. It is always better to go for a brand that has good credibility and is well-known among users. Most known brands usually have less than 0.3% THC, while the best brands do not have any THC in them.
  • While applying the patch is pretty simple, it is better to read the instructions written on the pack. 

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CBD Vs. THC And Why CBD Patches Are Better?

CBD and THC are both significant components of cannabis. However, their usage and applications are very different from each other. The reception of the brain is quite different for each of them. THC is a component that has psychoactive properties. Psychoactive means it can get you high. 

While cannabis has been used for medical purposes, it is done carefully in the presence or by the prescription of a medical expert. It is due to the present THC component, which can aid treatment but can cause severe side effects if used carelessly. Their effects on the brain also cause differences in dosage and usage. This is not the case with CBD, and that is what makes CBD patches better, as they provide relief without any major side effects. 

How Long Does A CBD Patch Last?

After applying the patch on the skin, it usually takes 50–60 minutes for the CBD particles to seep into the bloodstream. The time that CBD remains in our body is about 24 hours, which makes it crucial to change the patch daily. However, it is not necessary for a single patch to last for a whole day and can vary with the individual who is applying it as well. 

We have already seen how CBD patches are better and why people prefer CBD to THC. But there’s a question that might get into your thoughts. Are there any side effects of using CBD patches, or under what conditions should CBD not be used? Let’s try and answer that in the next section. 

CBD: Side Effects And Who Should Not Use It?

While the general idea is heavily in favor of CBD, there are some related side effects associated with it. There are also certain medical conditions in which the use of CBD is usually prohibited. People who are sensitive should consider avoiding the use of CBD products. Some of the common side effects are 

  • Fatigue/Drowsiness
  • Sleeping problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Loss/gain of appetite

Apart from these side effects, there are some medical conditions that are sensitive to CBD. People with these conditions should not use CBD products without prior medical consultation. 

  • There was a study conducted with a high dosage of CBD. Although the dose was significantly higher than average, connections between liver damage and CBD were observed.

While the observations of that study cannot be taken as strong evidence, people having issues with their liver should consider consulting a medical expert before using CBD patches and discussing it with them. 

  • People who sweat a lot should also be careful while using CBD patches. The patches are usually safe for the skin, but sweat on the part of the skin where the patch is placed can cause irritation. There are other ingredients in the patch that can cause similar reactions to the skin. Consider talking to a dermatologist if you see any sign of a reaction between the patch and the skin.  
  • Those who are already taking other medicines should also be careful with the use of CBD and discuss its use with their doctors first. This is because CBD can react with chemicals from other medicine, which can lower the impact of the medicine. It can mess up your body.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not also take CBD in any form as it can lead to complications that are very risky for the child.

Where Can You Buy CBD Patches Online?

There are many patches available on the internet. However, not every store offers you quality and quantity at affordable prices when it comes to buying CBD patches. We at Shea’s Healing Way are dedicated to providing you with CBD patches of the highest quality that are available in the market. They are made entirely of CBD with 0% THC in them. The patches are also latex-free, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic, with their adhesive being of medical grade.

The cost is about $2.16 per patch; each patch lasts almost a day. You can get a pack of 30 patches that last a month. Also, the patch will not be noticeable after you apply it to the skin. For any queries or issues, you can visit our website or contact us with details.

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