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How Are CBD Patches Made? Are They Safe To Use?

Cannabidiol is one of many extracts from hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating stuff, meaning it doesn’t cause any high. CBD patches have a measured amount of Cannabidiol, usually infused in an isolated solution, oil, or gel. A CBD patch works effectively by directly entering the bloodstream using a transdermal method. CBD patches are also infused with specific carriers and permeation to enhance effectiveness.While no published article supports the benefits of Cannabidiol, many kinds of research are currently going on, which indicates many possible benefits. One such is that it can do wonders in relieving a variety of pain. That means doing your research to find a good quality CBD product is essential. One of the excellent ways to find a trustworthy CBD supplier is through the U.S Hemp Authority Program. The U.S Roundtable created the U.S Hemp Authority Certification to create guidance for hemp growers and processors.

CBD patches transfer CBD through the transdermal process and are exclusively created for targeted pain such as knee pain, back pain, or neck pain. Even being one of the newest members in the world of CBDs, the CBD patches are roaring everywhere and leading the market of CBD.

Transdermal patches are new to Cannabidiol charged products, but transdermal technology has been around for decades. A CBD Topical Patch works very similarly to nicotine patches. This blog will explain how CBD Patches are made and how they work.

How CBD Patches Are Made

There are two types of CBD patches in the market: reservoir patches and matrix patches.

A matrix patch consists of five layers. A peel-off layer protects the CBD, a matrix layer charged with Cannabidiol, a dividing layer, an adhesive layer, and a protective coating layer.

A matrix patch permeates the CBD into the stitching of the patch. The adhesive layer grips the matrix layer of your skin, and the CBD molecules pass through the patch to your skin’s capillaries and then into your bloodstream. The CBD diffuses and soaks into the bloodstream as the adhesive patch hits the skin. The absorption rate of the matrix typically depends on the size of the patch applied to the skin. A CBD topical patch must be placed on the venous part of the body, such as inside the wrist or elbow.

Reservoir patches are composed of a peel-off layer, an adhesive layer, and a protective backing layer; the CBD reservoir’s permeable release membrane is the key element. Manufacturers fine-tune the membrane to control the CBD delivery rate. This helps to maintain the patch functions effectively. This guarantees that the CBD topical patches releases CBD at a steadier, more controlled pace than the reduced release of the matrix patch. Reservoir patches work better for giving a more accurate dosage over long periods. It releases a controlled amount of CBD throughout the day rather than depending only on the surface area like a matrix patch. 

As the reservoir patch is more suitable to use, its demand is high; hence the manufacturers are focusing on producing more reservoir patches.

At first, a strip of material consisting of a porous membrane layer is fed into the machine to make a transdermal patch. It is provided in proximity and face-to-face with a second strip of the protective impermeable backing material. The first and second strips pass in conjunction through a filling and sealing station where the material containing the active substance CBD is introduced between the strips. Then pockets are formed by the first sealing device, which seals the strips together in the longitudinal direction. The second sealing device plugs the strips together in the transverse direction. The pocket’s size is then adjusted by adjusting the second sealing device’s number, position, and frequency of operation.

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How Does A Botanical Wonder CBD Topical Patch Work?

Knowing our skin acts as a mechanism, we use simple but clever technology to make sure we deliver CBD into your bloodstream through the skin. The benefits of this delivery method are that you get affordable products with no waste. You also get a measured delivery into your system That helps to balance the dosage and move towards better health.

CBD patch work similarly to transdermal patches. It passes using skin cells to the body. CBD gradually diffuses through skin cells into the bloodstream and delivers the Cannabidiol there. Then CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system ( a cell signaling system in our body) and binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce effects. Transdermal delivery is relatively slow, so the CBD patches are typically infused with permeation enhancers to help CBD enter the bloodstream.

The CBD patch manufacturers use multiple permeation enhancers, from chemical solutions to physical enhancers like microneedles and natural permeation enhancers such as terpenes and essential oils). 

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Patches?

One of the best benefits of CBD patch is providing a long-lasting relief of 24-36 hours. There is also no wastage as the CBD is delivered efficiently through your skin.

You can apply the patch directly to the site of pain, such as on your back and neck. CBD topical patch provides relief from:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Injury-related pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Migraine pain

How Does A CBD Topical Patch Make You Feel

Relax! We can guarantee you won’t feel high. CBD patches are made from CBD isolates that are THC free and don’t cause high. You may feel relief from aching pain when you use CBD topical patch.

Find The Best CBD Patch At Shea’s Healing Way

Get safe and high-quality CBD patches at Shea’s Healing Way. It produced CBD patches with the most refined CBD isolates (isolates: 100% cannabidiol, no other ingredient of hemp plants) to provide the maximum benefits of CBDs.

Botanical Wonder CBD Patch

This Botanical Wonder CBD patch is produced from high-quality industrial hemp and tested at multiple stages.


CBD patch offers an alternative method of delivering CBD to the body. It allows faster and long-lasting pain relief, up to 36 hours. A CBD patch is made to focus on localized pain, such as pain in the knee, neck, shoulder, or back. CBD patch may also work with other pain-relief methods.

CBD patch contains Cannabidiol, an extract derived from hemp plants, is THC free (known to cause high), and doesn’t lead to a high feeling. Using Botanical Wonder CBD Topical Patch for pain may provide relief from symptoms, but anyone with chronic pain should see a doctor to help resolve the underlying cause of pain.

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