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What are the Side Effects of CBD Patches? [An Ultimate Guide]

CBD is a chemical element found in cannabis Sativa plants like Marijuana and Hemp. It offers a herbal treatment to lessen the pain or burning sensation. CBD is produced in the form of oil, extract, oil-based capsules, vaporized liquid, etc. It is also a way to cure many various diseases. 

CBD extracts are used to treat many conditions like Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Anxiety, and many more. You may find many CBD-infused wellness products in the market, including food, beauty products, drinks, etc. In the same way, patches are an effective way to reduce muscle and joint pain, lower the signs of insomnia, etc., allowing you to get rid of long-term pain faster. 

However, not everything comes with benefits only. And because of the wellness benefits of CBD, there is a common question about its side effects that remains in every user’s mind. Thus, if you are currently using CBD patches for pain relief or other benefits, you must be aware of their side effects as well. In this blog, we will uncover what are the side effects of CBD patches. However, before that, if you are new to the concept of CBD patches, let us help you know what they are. 

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What are CBD patches?

CBD-infused patches, also called dermal patches, are small pieces of material that stick to the skin. These patches aid in pain relief by using the transdermal method of delivery. They are like nicotine patches but infused with CBD and many other ingredients instead. The CBD particles on the patches get absorbed by the skin and flow through the bloodstream, proving more effective than other CBD supplements. Also, their effects remain long-lasting, basically for up to 24 hours. 

How to use CBD patches for pain?

Unlike CBD, which is taken orally, the patches are applied to the skin. They contain carriers and enhancers that ease CBD diffusion to enter the bloodstream from the skin’s pores. These patches work best when used on soft areas of the skin with as much contact as possible. 

Apart from the irregular or bony areas of the skin, it would be best to use it in the largest possible areas of the skin. It increases the effectiveness of patches and gives you the best outcome. Below are some common areas where you can apply these patches. 

  • Inside wrists
  • Lower back
  • Shoulders
  • Inside your bicep
  • On the back of your neck
  • Lower thighs or behind the knee
  • Inside your ankle

You must take care; if you are new to CBD products, start with the low-dose patches. Understand how your body is reacting to that product, and then you may increase the dosage to a higher level. 

An effective patch consists of 100 mg or more CBD. For most people, 20 mg is a good dose if you are a beginner. But, if you are suffering from chronic pain, a small dosage of patches may not essentially work for you. In this case, you can increase the level of the dose gradually. It is suggested to talk with the doctor about the correct dosage you must intake. 

Aftereffects: What are the side effects of CBD patches?

While patches are generally considered safe, some people may experience their side effects. These patches are not known to have severe side effects, but people may experience a few minor aftereffects. It can be a headache, irregular bowel movement, skin irritation, or tiredness after applying patches. It usually happens when you take a higher dose of patches and make your body uncomfortable. 

You must remove the patch whenever you feel any adverse side effects of CBD patches. As you remove it, the effects will slow down and come to an end. Switching to a lower-dose CBD patch and then moving to the higher dosage is better. 

CBD Interaction With Other Medicines

CBD may interact with other medicines and cause some aftereffects. Before using any CBD products, discussing them with your doctor or health care expert is good. It will allow them to check for drug interaction with the CBD. 

May Affect People With Liver Damage 

Some researchers have found a link between CBD and liver damage. But, the dosage mentioned in the research paper is much higher than those people may take. People facing liver problems or damaged livers must take their doctor’s advice before using patches or CBD products. But, patches offer transdermal delivery of CBD that bypasses the liver and goes directly into the bloodstream. So, the risk related to it is on the lower side. 

Check For the Lab Testing And Quality Product

While CBD is to relieve pain, a few contaminants during the manufacturing process, including harmful chemicals or pesticides, may put a person’s health at risk. Thus, it is important to ensure that a reputable manufacturer makes your CBD products. You must also check its lab testing and purity confirmation. 

Can Cause Irritation And Allergy

While using patches, people may experience reactions. It can be due to the sweat that gets trapped below the patch. They may also feel skin irritation because of the glue on the patch. The patch itself and the ingredients used in the patch may react to the skin and cause potential allergies. 

How to shop for the best CBD patches?

It is vital that you must shop for quality CBD-infused patches to prevent the risk of reaction, allergies, and other side effects. Below are some of the noteworthy points to keep in mind while buying the CDB patches. 

3rd Party Testing

The company must provide the current certificate of analysis (COAs). It is important as it shows test results done by third-party laboratories. In this way, you can verify the quality of the product and ensure that it is safe to use or not. A reputed manufacturer also remains transparent with their customer in terms of their product. Thus, the testing of the CBD product you are buying must be done by an independent third-party lab. 

Product Percentage

The product must have described the amount of CBD used in it. You must ensure that a product must have less than 0.3 per cent THC. It is a legal limit, but some countries allow to add the higher amount of THC in products. 

Knowledge Of Hemp Source

The trusted company producing the CDB product remains transparent about its hemp source and where it grows. 

Ingredients List

The reputed company always lets you know what exactly they use in each CBD patch. They remain transparent with all the ingredients used in each CBD patch. It helps you identify whether you are allergic to that specific ingredient or not. 


You must also look for the features that complete your needs. You may also consider the time for how long you would like to wear the CBD patch. Some patches can be applied for hours, whereas some for several days. 

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Benefits of Using Patches Infused With CBD

If you have chronic back pain, CBD-infused patches are what you exactly require to mitigate the discomfort. These patches are also helpful in alleviating the pain of manual labor. They are a great option to cure lower back or knee pain. Also, they allow quick and long-term pain relief. These patches also may benefit in slowing down the symptoms of nausea, arthritis pain, and inflammation. 

CBD patches are also good enough to cure nerve pain that is difficult to treat. It is also known to stabilize mood. Some researchers have found that CBD could be more helpful than antidepressant drugs. It is also beneficial to reduce the symptoms of Anxiety. 


In this blog, you have learned what are the side effects of CBD patches. They are great for controlling acute pain and provide quick relief. CBD-infused patches effectively treat targeted pain in specific areas of the body. They quickly get absorbed into our skin and treat our pain. It is a better alternative to many high-dosage medicines that do not work well. 

However, taking bigger doses of CBD can have its own side effects. Thus, it is better to consult with your doctor before using Topical CBD Patches. Also, while looking for CBD patches, look for a trusted provider who maintains all the standards needed to make these patches more effective and eliminate the risks associated with them. 

Sheas Healing CBD deals in CBD Patches that contain just the right amount of dosage and are effective for up to 24 hours. Also, the product is 3rd party laboratory tested and is free from any skin irritants. Thus, you will only enjoy the goodness of CBD without facing any side effects. 


Why should you choose patches over CBD-infused tablets?

CBD offers an effective way of infusing CBD into the body. They bypass the organ and enter directly into the bloodstream without causing any problems. It is known to lower the pain-related symptoms in arthritis, spinal injuries, cancer, etc. They are even helpful in controlling acute or chronic pain.

Are CBD patches helpful in reducing Anxiety?

Yes, they are helpful. CBD is known to regulate various processes or functions in the body. It helps improve memory, appetite, sleep, mood, and all other issues related to Anxiety. You must take care that a proper dosage helps get relief from the Anxiety. It would be best to avoid higher dosage; starting with the lower dose patches is better.

Do patches infused with CBD have any severe side effects?

CBD patch does not have harsh effects. But, you may feel minor effects such as oversleeping, appetite change, loss or gain in weight, drowsiness, or fatigue. Some people may be sensitive to these effects. It is always advisable that you must take advice from healthcare experts before using any CBD product. 

Who is advisable to use CBD-infused patches?

CBD is good if you want an option for pain relief in a specific body part. It is suitable for those who do not wish to take CBD orally. Patches may not be a good option for full-body relief. Unlike CBD oils, it is a mess-free option, and there is also no need to apply the second patch.

Do we need to apply CBD patches every few hours?

One of the well-known benefits of patches is you do not have to reapply it every few hours. It differs from CBD capsules or oil that make you reapply every few hours to get the maximum benefits. A single patch provides a dose across 24 hours.

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