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Where Is The Best Place To Put A CBD Patch: A CBD Applying Guide

Using a Transdermal CBD patch for the first time? Not sure where to apply this patch for the best result? CBD patches are great for individuals who face constant or nagging pain and want quick relief. However, not everyone is a born expert in using the patches. Even regular users of CBD patches may not know the right place to apply them. Therefore, Shea’s Healing Way is here to help!As we are a genuine provider of CBD patches, we want to ensure that our customers or active users out there know the correct usage of CBD patches. So, let’s answer all your questions regarding transdermal patches. If you are exploring stuff like what CBD patches are, how they work, and how to use them correctly, you will find all the explanations right here!

What Are CBD Transdermal Patches, And How Do They Work?

So, before we dive deep into how to use or apply CBD patches correctly, we must first know what these patches are and how exactly transdermal patches work. 

If you search for CBD patches online, you will get numerous results mentioning the word transdermal patches. This may cause confusion, but just to make things clear, CBD patches are often referred to as transdermal patches by online providers and individuals online. So, coming to the question, what are transdermal CBD patches?

Transdermal patches or CBD patches are simply patches that contain CBD in them. Now, you may ask why there is CBD in these patches. Actually, even our bodies have CBD receptors that are present throughout our bodies. CBD is said to trigger serotonin receptors that help with maintaining the temperature of the body, as well as pain receptors. 

So, letting CBD enter your body will help with your different pain throughout the body. And how do the CBD patches help with this pain? As we mentioned, these patches contain CBD in it. When you apply a CBD patch to your body, the CBD is transferred in your body through your blood veins. In most cases, the patches start showing results in less than 10 minutes. The result can vary based on where you put the patch and your pain amount. 

Therefore, this is also one of the reasons to know why to apply CBD patches correctly. When CBD enters your body, it targets the area of the pain. And since they target the pain area specifically, you get quick relief from pain and stiffness. You can click here if you further want to know more about how CBD patches work. 

Is It Really Important To Know The Right Place To Apply Patches?

Now, even if you are new to CBD patches, reading the instructions on the pack can guide you on how to apply CBD patches. Well, applying the patch is not a big deal as it only involves removing one patch from the pack and placing it on your body. However, our point here is not to tell you how to apply the CBD patch. Here, we want to talk about the best place to put a CBD patch.

So, if you ask us if it’s really important to know the right place to apply a CBD patch, our answer will definitely be yes. In order to get optimal results from these CBD patches, the right placement of the patch will matter a lot. You don’t have to worry about the transdermal patches sticking out of your body. The CBD patches come with powerful adhesive properties, so if you’re performing your daily activities after applying them, you don’t have to worry, as it is completely normal to do so. 

However, if the patch is sticking out or you don’t stick it properly, you are just wasting it. Other than that, we mentioned that the adhesive powers of a CBD patch are quite strong. So, once you stick it to your skin, it will stay there until its job is done. This means if you place it wrongly, adjusting it will not be possible. Also, if you try to remove it, you will simply waste a working product.

So, this increases the need to learn not only about where to apply a CBD patch but also how to apply it with care. If you want to prevent CBD patch wastage, and learn about its proper care and application method, make sure you don’t skip the next few parts of this blog.

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Do The CBD Patches Work On Fatty Areas?

Before we finally head to the main part of this blog, i.e., the best place to apply a transdermal patch, we must answer this question that most of our buyers ask us. Are CBD patches effective on fatty areas? In one word, no! Although CBD patches can work on fatty areas, it is highly recommended not to place them there. This is because their effectiveness decreases greatly in those areas. 

As fatty areas consist of fat tissue as well as thick layers, the CBD absorption in that area decreases significantly. Furthermore, dry skin is also one of the reasons not to apply transdermal patches there. And you want CBD to work in your body fast so you can have instant pain relief. But this is not the case with fatty areas, as CBD in these patches has to deal with them before showing its real work. So, the right placement of CBD patches matters!

Now, we will answer the best places to apply a CBD patch, which you have been waiting for till now. So, read below to find the right answer to your curiosity. 

Transdermal patch placement: Where Is The Best Place To Put A CBD Patch

There are numerous places in your body where you can apply a CBD patch to gain the best results. However, to find that exact place where you will have the most out of a CBD patch, you will have to consider a few things. This includes where exactly the pain is in your body and how much you travel or perform other activities on a daily basis. 

If we consider a general solution, you should place a patch where you can cover the largest area of skin. This is because the bigger the patch area is, the more CBD absorption will be by your body. But where is exactly the biggest skin area in your body that will give the best results? Here is the answer!

The Wrist

The best area to apply a CBD patch is your wrist. As our wrists have blood vessels, the CBD absorption will be much greater compared to other parts of the body.

Knee Joint

Another great place to apply a transdermal patch is our joints. You will find thin layers of fat and tissue near your joint, but they don’t actually decrease the absorption rate of CBD. You can consider placing a CBD patch on your knee joint, as this spot is quite effective in letting CBD enter your bloodstream and perform actions.

Upper Chest

There are some CBD patches in the market that are recommended to be placed on the upper chest. However, you will have to read the instructions on the pack to see if they have said to apply it to your upper chest. As the upper chest is quite close to your heart, you can see the CBD patches take a quick effect. Quick access to the bloodstream is the perfect place to apply a CBD patch. So, this is also a part of the optimal position to place a patch. 

Hip Joint

Looking for the best place to apply a transdermal CBD patch? You should definitely consider the hip joint as one of the options. There is a bit of similarity with placing a patch on your hip joint as well as the lower abdomen. The chances of your hip being the center for heavy fat are not zero. Similarly, hip fat can be thin, mild, or bony. If your hip joint area has excess fat, we will simply recommend not placing a CBD patch there since the effectiveness will be quite low. 

The Lower Abdomen

As with the case of the hip joint area, whether to apply a CBD patch to your lower abdomen will depend on whether the area is thin or fatty. If the area has excess fat, you should consider other better options for applying a CBD patch.

Upper Outer Arm 

Your upper outer arm is a great option to apply a CBD patch, just like the upper chest. For the most part, many of the CBD packs will recommend you put the patch on your upper outer arm. However, the pack may even highlight the hip or abdomen as the perfect patch placing location, depending on what that particular CBD patch entails. And we can’t forget the upper outer arm near the heart. So, CBD traveling through your heart can reach your pain area quickly, which leads to fast pain relief.

The Shoulder Blade

If you prefer some other place to place a CBD patch, the shoulder blade is also a good option. Its location is close to the heart, so that the results will be much similar to other places. Furthermore, this spot stays covered, so your patch will stay in position and provide an effective supply of CBD. 

Shoulder Joint

As mentioned above, joints are one of the best places to apply a CBD patch. You will see a thin layer of tissue, fat, and muscle that makes it easy for CBD to travel through the bloodstream in your body, giving out the best outcomes.

What Are The Steps Involved In Applying The CBD Patches Correctly?

So, now you are familiar with the best places to put a CBD patch. The next thing is to see if you’re applying the patch correctly or not. Well, we are here to guide you on that as well. So, without any delay, let’s see the steps you must take to apply a CBD patch correctly. 

Step 1: Get Your Skin Area Clean

The first step to applying a CBD patch is to clean the area of the skin where you’re placing the patch. You can use warm or soap water to clean any dirt, lotions, or oil in that area. Make sure not to use scented products to clean your skin area. After cleaning your skin area, use a clean towel to dry that area. 

Step 2: Pick The Patch

Now, remove a patch from the package of CBD patches. Ensure you don’t damage the patch while removing it. Follow the patch instructions, so you don’t make any mistakes.

Step 3: Setting Up The Patch

So, when you have finally decided where you want to place the patch, get it ready and stick it to your clean skin area from the sticky side. You can use a gentle palm force to secure the CBD patch on your skin. Furthermore, use your fingers to stick the patch edges and remove folds and bumps on these edges.  

How To Get The Max Out Of The Transdermal CBD Patches?

So, till now, we learned about the best places to apply a CBD patch and the correct way to complete the process. Now, let’s explore some more tips that can help bring out the most of CBD patches. 

  • Choose Quality And A Known Brand Name

CBD patches are famous, so they have numerous online sellers claiming to offer the best transdermal patches in the whole market. When you look for patches, make sure you check if the provider is trustworthy and actually selling quality products. You can read customer reviews, read about the product, and other things to confirm product authenticity. We at Shea’s Healing Way are transparent with our CBD patches, so you can consider buying our patches. 

  • Don’t Ignore The Instructions On The Patch

You should read the instructions carefully if you want the best results for your CBD patches!

The product instructions are not limited to how to apply it correctly. It also includes how long you should keep these patches on and when to remove them. It is recommended to keep the CBD patch on for at least eight hours. Normally, transdermal patches have this long efficiency only. So, afterward, just remove the patches manually, and if you face any difficulty, you can use oil or alcohol. 


So, this guide clarifies which is the best place to put a CBD patch. Furthermore, you now know how to care for a CBD patch and use it optimally to gain maximum effectiveness. Out of all the places where you can apply a CBD patch, your wrist and upper chest will be the best option.

To purchase top-quality, effective, and right-priced transdermal CBD patches, visit Shea’s Healing Way! Get rid of your different body pains by choosing the right product from the right seller. Visit Now!

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