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Where To Apply A CBD Topical Patch And What Is The Right Way Application?

CBD Topical patches are known for their amazing healing effects that work instantly by directly contacting your skin. They are also known as transdermal patches, as they are directly applied to your skin to circulate the cannabidiol effects in your body through the bloodstream. CBD patches have been booming in the market because of the pain-relieving effects it contains. It offers instant results to the person who is applying the CBD patches. Keep reading the blog to understand the working of CBD topical patches and where and how to apply them effectively.

The Working Process Of CBD Patches

Since CBD patches contain cannabidiol, they get directly applied to the patient’s skin area. The reason for it is self-defined. CBD starts working instantly by spreading around the skin’s local area. From that, the CBD gets carried by the bloodstream in the entire body and provides instant results. 

CBD can be consumed orally as well, but the results may not be as satisfactory as the CBD patches offers. The reason behind this is that since you are consuming it orally, the substance must go through digestion, which can take a good amount of time. Orally consumed CBD can also be considered waste by the digestive system, which can reduce its value significantly.

On the other hand, CBD patches aren’t required to go through the digestive process shown by a study. These patches work instantly and show maximum results. 

CBD also comes in different products offered by the market, such as CBD creams and oils. These products are also applied directly on the skin, but the results can vary compared to CBD topical patches. The reason is that the effect of cream and oil vanishes completely after the skin does the absorption. Meanwhile, the CBD patches stay on the skin and provide quick and consistent results. While cream and oil must be applied multiple times for maximum results, the CBD patches works without such restrictions. 

Where To Apply A CBD Patch?

To get the maximum results of a CBD patch, ensure that you apply them directly to your skin. The bigger the applied area, the better will be the result. Ensure that you apply the CBD patches on plain and soft areas. Placing the CBD patch on an uneven bone area of the skin can decrease the output. The common areas where the CBD topical patches get applied are as follows:

Wrist Area

The wrist area is the most convenient place where an individual can apply the CBD patches. It’s a soft area with a consistent flow of blood that supports the working of a CBD patch. 


It is recommended to apply the CBD patches at the back of the neck for maximum output. Furthermore, it provides quick relief in pain and has amazing results. 

Lower Back

While lying down, you can apply the CBD patches in the lower back to get rid of the pain you are suffering from. You can also take some assistance from someone else to cover the maximum part of the lower back.

Thigh And Knee

While sitting, try applying the CBD topical patches around your lower thigh or knee back to get satisfactory results from the transdermal patches. 


Shoulders are crucial joints of every individual, and thus, getting your pain relief around them becomes a necessity. A CBD patch should be applied on shoulder joints to get quick and long-term pain relief. 


You can use CBD patches on the biceps to get a quick dose of pain relief. Painful biceps can hinder your day-to-day activities, and therefore considering the botanical wonder of CBD patches can be fruitful. 


For relief from ankle pain, CBD patches are one of the best choices. You can apply them to the inside of the ankle for maximum relief. 

These were some of the most common areas where you can apply CBD topical patches. Now let’s understand how to apply these patches to gain maximum benefits. 

Process Of Applying A CBD Patch?

Knowing the working process and common applications of the CBD patches, it becomes essential that you also understand the basic outline of a CBD patch. Not knowing how to apply the CBD topical patches can restrict the product outcome severely. Therefore, try understanding the step-by-step process of applying the CBD patches to gain the maximum output of the product. 

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STEP 1: Wash Your Hands And The Application Area

Before starting the process of applying a CBD patch, ensure that you have clean and dry hands. Even though the CBD patches come in sterile patches, it’s recommended to have clean hands to decrease the chances of contamination. Clean the area where the patch will be applied to avoid the growth of the bacteria.

STEP 2: Holding The Patch Correctly

Hold the patch in such a way that the adhered side faces you. This helps in running the process smoothly. 

STEP 3: Peel Off The Patch 

Try avoiding the side visible to your eyes and remove the patch without touching the sticky part. You can use the other side to hold it after peeling off the patch. 

STEP 4: Applying To The Skin Area

After removing the CBD patch, apply it directly to the skin area you have chosen. Make sure you have the adhesive side of the patch on the skin. Try applying some pressure on the CBD patch to stick completely on the skin area. 

STEP 5: Finishing The Process 

After ensuring the patch is completely stuck to the skin, remove the leftover part of the patch and wash your hand again in the end after completing the full process.

Removal Process Of The CBD Patch 

After applying the CBD patch for a recommended time duration, you need to remove the patch. To remove it, you have to apply pressure in the middle of the patch so that the edges can pop up, and you can pull those edges to remove the patch easily. 

Disposing of the patch is crucial as well. You need to dispose of the patch by folding it from the middle of the sticky side. Throw the patch in the trashcan or a place that is out of the reach of the children and pets. The patch may have some remaining drug effect, and thus disposing of it correctly becomes essential. 

The skin area where the patch was applied should be cleaned with soap and water. The occurrence of redness is common after the cleaning process is complete. In case the redness stays for a longer period, it is recommended to contact a doctor. 

To Sum Up

CBD topical patches constantly assist individuals in fighting the pain that occurs in different parts and joints of the body. It is undeniable that CBD patches can cure your pain by utilizing the botanical effects of cannabidiol. After reading the applications and procedures of applying the CBD patches, you may be curious about where you can purchase the best high-quality CBD patches.

Shea’s Healing Way is a prominent part of the healing industry, which offers the best CBD patches containing botanical effects that work wonderfully for your body. We aim to educate people regarding CBD effects and exterminate all the stereotypes that revolve around the market for CBD products. They guarantee you results with their best and high-quality products. Don’t hesitate anymore and learn the CBD’s miraculous healing effects with their assistance.

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