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What Are CBD Patches?

The notion of a CBD pain patch is a relatively new one. However, patients have used transdermal patches for decades. Indeed, the FDA approved one for motion sickness back in 1979. Famous examples include birth control and nicotine patches.

A CBD patch usually resembles a Band-aidTM and is infused with cannabidiol. Each one contains a pre-measured level of CBD molecules in an isolated solution. It releases the cannabinoid slowly, and users can wear one for a minimum of 16 hours up 24 hours. Benefits of Using CBD Patches

  • A steady and controlled release of CBD.
  • You are aware of how much CBD is in every patch.
  • They can last up to 24 hours
  • It allows discreet usage of cannabidiol.
  • Higher bioavailability rate than almost every other form of CBD consumption.

How Do CBD Patches Work?

The best CBD patches work by moving the cannabinoid directly into the skin cells’ endocannabinoids. Both our cells’ surfaces and cannabinoids are lipids. As a result, cannabidiol easily diffuses through the cells and travels to the blood vessels. A patch delivers CBD to the bloodstream via the skin and ensures the cannabinoid reaches the endocannabinoid system (ECS). There, it influences CB1 and CB2 receptors and, in theory, produces an array of beneficial effects.

How Do You Use a CBD Patch?

While the process of creating the best CBD patches sounds complicated, they are incredibly easy to use. Take off the protective film and apply the patch to a clean and dry area of skin.

Experts recommend placing CBD patches on a venous part of the body. In such locations, capillaries and blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin. Good options include the shoulders, back of the neck, ankles, and wrists.

One of the main reasons why people use a CBD patch is due to the high rate of bioavailability. Even without an enhancer, an estimated 50% of the cannabinoids make it to the bloodstream. This absorption rate is several times higher than when you use CBD oil or edibles.

The transdermal patches ensure the cannabidiol is delivered directly to your bloodstream with a low level of loss along the way. CBD also directly activates your skin cells, so it is especially useful for those with skin disorders. Users value the discretion afforded to them by patches. They can wear one beneath their clothes, out of sight of prying eyes. There is no need to bring a bottle of oil with you while traveling, nor do you need to vaporize. Manufacturers have created patches with a wide variety of CBD concentrations to suit your individual needs.

Ultimately, CBD patches are a far more effective form of consumption than other delivery methods. They last much longer, are highly efficient, and remove the guesswork from the dosing process. Also, putting on and taking off, a patch is straightforward.

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