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CBD Oil Tincture 4oz



Our powerful and pure CBD isolate tincture contains Pure CBD isolate mixed with organic MCT coconut oil to make a formula that is guaranteed THC free

CBD isolate tinctures are the best choice for those who prefer THC free products. The isolate tincture is made with 5000 milligrams of pure CBD in our super sized 4 oz bottle. The isolate itself is flavorless, but the tincture has a light taste from the coconut oil.



CBD oil is the most available form of CBD isolates available.

It can be administered using a dropper to apply small amounts of the oil under the tongue. Drops can also be added to food and drinks.

CBD oil tincture is excellent if you want to monitor your dosages closely. It gives you ultimate flexibility over your dosage because you can adjust the amount of oil taken by dropping more or less oil under the tongue.

Although you get great flexibility with dosages by using CBD oil, it isn’t easy to accurately administer a specific dose as well as you would with edible products.

  • Contains only CBD
  • Plenty of product variety
  • No risk of showing up on a drug test
  • Suitable for people with adverse reactions to other cannabinoids
  • Raw oil tastes less than full & broad spectrum CBD oil

Ingredients: Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Pure CBD Isolate


4 oz


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